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Liverpool new aid: Tottenham selected slag passion – Sohu Red Army TERT sports Wijnaldum in the Premier League as well as a point to   this summer, Liverpool completed two more than 20 million signings, a horse, the other one is Wijnaldum. In Liverpool’s war Tottenham at White Hart Lane Tottenham, Wijnaldum accepted the interview, said that he was close to joining Tottenham, just because of money problems lead to transaction abortion, finally chose Liverpool. "Before I came to Liverpool, I went to Pochettino’s house and talked to him, and I told my agent, ‘I’m going to join spurs.’ Pochettino is a great coach, and if you look at the way you play, you will agree with me. He introduced his way of doing things and I’m sure he’s the kind of coach who can improve any player, no matter how old he is, he can make the players better. To be honest, I was able to see the future at Tottenham, which was very suitable for me, but we couldn’t agree on a financial deal. After all, it was not a disaster, but it affected me." Liverpool said the new aid Wijnaldum interview, missed the Tottenham, and soon klopp contact, and rapid completion of the transfer, "Pochettino is very good, but klopp made me feel more relaxed. From the moment I spoke to him, I knew that my future would be in Liverpool. I love all the way, he told me, sent to his house’s invitation, he even asked me, why cold-shouldered last season. I explained that this is the decision made by Newcastle coach Benitez, he said that the decision to let you sit on the bench is simply baffling. Then, we began to talk, the atmosphere is very strong, as Cyclops like television, very energetic. Talking about the football match, Cyclops of passion, he said he would like to see and play football, I joined the. He said that the England club would normally allow players to leave late, but I refused to do so and told me, ‘if you want to join us tomorrow, we will start negotiations tomorrow I said, ‘let’s see what happens next.’ On the second day, Liverpool formally offered to Newcastle." Wijnaldum then talked about Cyclops coaching, "Cyclops is not a performance artist, he is a real investment in football, I know no one like him as he is to motivate players, a coach. Liverpool is not the best player in the Premier League, but it is not important, Kropp says, have the best player on the team can not win, but win, must have the best tactical team. He told us to keep running and put pressure on the opponent in the whole 90 minutes. To be honest, I hate pre-season training and reserves of physical fitness, and has been complaining, but when the end, you will feel very happy. In the Premier League opener against Arsenal, we had a 4-1 lead, the game we did not feel tired, but there is an incredible power, let us have a feeling of shock." )相关的主题文章: