Liu Tao every day you beautiful and handsome tease me, what do you do (video)

Liu Tao every day you beautiful and handsome tease me, what do you do? Remember this flipping countless teenage lust moments? As Nirvana in Fire "best male two", Liu Tao is only in the Hunan satellite TV, wearing a suit and is said to be her sister and professional, won the annual best dressed Award – National offensive but Wuli Liu really fulfilled his promise to his face, the handsome ruffian boarded the "So Figaro" temperament. Cover. Warm cover ah! (innocent face) offensive eyes still full! The metallic luster of the black sling and the black coat are all emitting a post modern industrial sense, with a high profile tension. The same MaxMara, white coat gave Liu Tao more introverted temperament. Casual and natural hair, blurred vision, this is a hold to enlarge trick liu. Liu Tao: we are walking King Cross promotion book opened in MaxMara Oriental Xintiandi cocktail party, once again caught a punk style of Liu Tao. Liu Tao was wearing a brand new store opening at MaxMara Hotel Tao was satisfied with their new modeling offensive, in order to summarize the intellectual classic MaxMara through the handsome and cool. An interview with the gap, look at the MaxMara Lookbook in general Tao, like a little girl "show off", oh, this I through, I have to pass through the set! This is the following! MaxMara these two sweaters and coats are the use of geometric concept, with a thick fabric to create a winter warmth, with a sense of power profile performance of smart embroidery on clothing makes modeling more avant-garde, and Liu Tao are easy to hold live. How to wear overbearing President Feel? Liu Tao: in fact, any clothes are to see the occasion. I think the first is decent, decent at the same time there are bright spots, that is a surprise. At the same time also have their own style, because each person’s temperament, body, including all aspects of preferences are not the same. Therefore, we must be more aware of their own will know how to choose their own clothes. And the other star is not the same, Liu Tao most other not wearing a gorgeous dress, but wearing a suit, it seems the best national offensive deserved award. Liu Tao in MaxMara star pattern set solid suit monotonous, patterned styles more retro feel, two rows of buttons in front of a somewhat more modern British style. Liu Tao in SPORTMAX Liu Tao wearing a striped jacket striped suit when the anchor, with delicate collagen, so ah, the suit can also be out of a sense of ~ not less suit to wear a suit, if the gas field had a strong, a pair of shoes, Lok Fu, a casual pants, will let you go to where there are leaders inspected the style. June 10, 2016, Shanghai, the twenty-second Shanghai TV Festival Closing Ceremony of the red carpet suits is boring, coupled with the occupation of the white shirt, don’t want to look like a real boring female white-collar, a sense of being full of the tie will let your other layering richer. In May 3, 2016, "singer" white cross conference gives a refreshing feeling, as if it comes with a powerful taoge.相关的主题文章: