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Liu Jiang back to his alma mater when the instructor said the actor personality than face Sina entertainment news director Liu Jiang [micro-blog] yesterday (November 25th) to return to his alma mater, Beijing Film Academy, served as the first Chinese Film Performing Art Academy Award "one minute short youth plan" to guide the teacher. The same day, Liu Jiang director for the performance of the three participating students conducted a detailed on-site guidance. To see the actors put their hearts into the wonderful performance, director Liu Jiang also seemed particularly excited and happy, said that such a game for the training and selection of more outstanding actor significance. When it comes to today’s film market needs what kind of actor, director Liu Jiang said, personality is more important than the face". When the teacher director Liu Jiang to return to his alma mater Beijing Film Academy as the younger weapon once a year highlight the "Academy Award" is the first time to go out of the campus, to expand the selection range to the universities, but also hired a well-known director as a mentor for participating students on-site guidance. The same graduation from Beijing Film Academy, Liu Jiang, director of the performance of the Department received the invitation sent to his alma mater, but also readily promised, said he was able to do a share of his alma mater. The same day, Beijing Film Academy School of performing party branch secretary Chen Yi, professor and director of the dean’s office of Beijing Film Academy professor Hu Qiang also specially came to the scene, presented the creation China Film Award for the Performing Arts Institute expert judges appointment for director Liu Jiang. The day to participate in the shooting, the three students from the Communication University of China performance, in full discussion with the director Liu Jiang script, each of them conducted a minute silent performance. After the show, Liu Jiang, director of the students’ performance much appreciated, but also points out some deficiencies in the performance process of the students, and meticulous on-site guidance to solve these problems, and even modify the script according to the different character of the students so that they can live, most incisive showed their most exciting side. The students are too tight, director Liu Jiang also shared some of his many years experience in the filming process, helping students to relax, finally successfully completed the whole shooting. Three students said they the harvest, not only by the professional guidance industry authority director, rich experience, but also gain the information and experience of many first hand, for their future learning performance be of great advantage. In addition, director Liu Jiang also put forward his own views on the way to train actors. "When we go to school teacher Xie Fei, who proposed a concept, is to study the performance of people, to some common classes, such as montage, film analysis, and then go into the matter, it is to put on a bit much drama and other departments do not patronize the class. Study the performance of this class, because I think the actor’s cultural quality is even more important, the culture allows you to deepen the understanding of the performing arts, sometimes even more important than the acting class. In addition to learning performance but also more practice, performance is a practice of art, light is not enough theory." Director Liu Jiang revealed that the selection criteria: actor personality than face important shooting after the end of the film, director of the same with several of the Liu Jiang相关的主题文章: