Lippi’s first show of national foot 0-0 Qatar 8 points away from South Korea slim – Sohu

Lippi’s debut 0-0 Qatar from South Korea 8 qualifying Sohu sports slim – November 15th Beijing time 19:352018 Russia’s World Cup Asian zone 12 finals of the fifth round, Kunming’s home court sits, home court 0-0 draw against qatar. The first half, Zhang Yuning restricted rub column shooting, but also offside. The second half, Wu Xi header hit the crossbar, then Cao? A leg work shot inches, Zheng Zhi also shot in the column. Finally, the Orangemen 0-0 draw against Qatar, the 5 and 2 flat 3 negative, little hope of qualifying. In the preliminary stage the Orangemen 9 times against Qatar record of only 2 wins 3 flat 4 negative, at a disadvantage. Four Harding Park, China team 1 flat 3 negative 1 bottom group. Qatar is 1 wins and 3 negative product of 3 points, ranked the last group of the last second. The two teams can be said to be fellow sufferers. This is Lippi’s first official match coach. Fifth minutes, Sebastian back to the ball and turned the door out. Twelfth minutes, Jiang Zhipeng left foot free kick direct bomb door is thad saved the bottom line. Thirteenth minutes, Chinese team won the corner on the right side of the opportunity to hit the ball, the opponent goalkeeper, Jiang Zhipeng grabbed the ball volley wide. Twenty-third minutes, Wu Lei in the restricted area low shot, Zhang Yuning rub a hit column! However, the linesman had beckoned Zhang Yuning foul. After the opening, the Chinese offensive is very fierce. Thirty-third minutes, the Chinese team played a smooth fit, Jiang Zhipeng won the restricted area of the opportunity to defend against the shot, but eventually a foot on the stands. Thirty-fifth minutes, Zhang Lin was at Lengjian out slightly?. On the sidelines, Lippi motioned for the players can play some more stable. Forty-first minutes, Zhang Yuning and some dispute, the referee in a timely manner to both sides of the account of the. Forty-second minutes, Zhang Yuning header off. 2 minutes in the first half, Huang Bowen free kick hit the door on the wall to fly out of the bottom line. Then the Qatari counterattack, Moussa shot was Junling Puzhu. At the end of the first half, the two sides drew 0-0. Easy side battles, forty-eighth minutes, Jiang Zhipeng cross the bottom line, in front of Zhang Yuning Qiangdian wide. Fifty-fourth minutes, the camera to the stands on the Hong Kong side coach Boas, he is the former striker Xie Hui. Fifty-fifth minutes, Huang Bowen corner, Wu Xi header hit the goalkeeper was a flutter hit the crossbar! Sixty-second minutes, Wu Xi kick shot up. Sixty-eighth minutes, substitute Cao? Fixed area wing straight out, then kick shot out slightly. Seventy-seventh minutes, Qatar won the free kick, Tian Dian right foot hit the door was the wall. Time is running out, the fans sing the national anthem. Seventy-ninth minutes, Sebastian fell to the ground, China team initiative to kick the ball out. Eighty-fourth minutes, Cao? Must pass in the left, not far from the opponent out outside the box Zheng Zhi long-range change line, but eventually hit the post! Since then, the two sides no achievements, the national home 0-0 flat qatar. The two sides appeared as follows: China team: 1- Yan Junling; 3- Jiang Zhipeng, 2- 6-, 5- Feng Xiaoting, Mei fang; Zhang Lin? 15- Wu Xi, Zheng Zhi 10-, Huang Bowen 16- (82 "18- Gao Lin); 19- Zhang Xizhe, Zhang 9-相关的主题文章: