Lin Chiling can bring a trace of positive energy is the meaning of my existence-p8400

Lin Chiling: can you bring a trace of positive energy is the new network the meaning of my existence in the Oriental TV "my new clothes" are this week ushered in the final battle, the "goddess" Lin Chiling very emotional, recalling his 12 "new journey" and 10 years of experience in the entertainment circle, as long as she can bring a the slightest positive energy, is the meaning of their own existence. Return to the fashion stage: remind yourself not forget the early heart many people know that Lin Chiling is the model debut in "my new clothes" she said with special intentions of their own, "I think you first met me, and in a fashion on the stage, this time I chose to meet everyone in the fashion arena, in fact, is to remind yourself not forget the early heart." Remember to go T Taiwan years, Lin Chiling said that he is a very serious person, "at the time I was a very simple, a little thing is very nervous, so people want to do it, but I was on everything with gratitude. Now I look back, it is not bad, I did not live up to my heart." Brave face is right: insist on passing the positive energy platform Lin Chiling shine, but she was called by the staff "intimate sister". Private heart warming Lin Chiling harvest a large number of fans, teaching models walk, comfort them depressed, for staff to send snacks coffee, care side each person’s physical condition, see the models fall will be sad, Lin Chiling care warm up backstage. But "Tall trees catch much wind", in Lin Chiling’s glamorous appearance also have some feelings, there are actually a lucky time on the stage, will have to fall, with the applause of the audience will also have a lot of doubts, the confused voice always hovering around me, don’t hide hide off." But Lin Chiling is always full of positive energy use action to prove, "such as the show when I was backstage to, I really want to drop a tear, then I put it sucked. I think in front of everyone, I want to give you a smile. If there is a positive energy, that is why I exist." Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Zhang Ning相关的主题文章: