Life insurance Nanning branch to Fuld Hengxian post common care left-behind children

Life insurance Nanning branch to Fuld Hengxian post common care left-behind children in November 11, 2016, Fuld life insurance Nanning branch to China postal branch in Hengxian Tao Wei Zhen Postal Bank branch jointly organized care left-behind children welfare activities. This activity is highly valued by the leaders of both sides, also received strong support from the local government, the general manager of Nanning China postal branch Peng Zhiwu, general manager of Hengxian branch, Wei Xiaopeng, Tao Wei Zhen armed minister Huang Yancheng, publicity committee Liang Jian, Tao Wei Zhen Center Elementary School Principal Huang Qingrong, Tao Wei primary school principal Tao Wenqing, general manager Fuld life insurance Nanning branch bank insurance business manager Lei Ting, Jiang Kaiyuan, Tao Wei Zhen postal system outlets responsible person, customer representatives and from the Tao Wei primary school 10 left-behind children representatives attended the event. The leaders and representatives of left-behind children for life in a ribbon Fuld Nanning general manager Ms. Lei Ting and Chinese Nanning Post Branch General Manager Mr. Peng Zhiwu speech. Life insurance Nanning branch Fuld Leiting always said: Life Insurance hilder center of Nanning branch company always adhere to the heart of the country and society, focusing on caring for children grow up happy "Dolphin plan long-term public projects, and actively practicing corporate social responsibility, and comprehensive strategic cooperation China post build the best platform for both sides, the with the Chinese post jointly organized care left-behind children welfare activities, common love, responsibility. We will further deepen cooperation, do our best to do public good, to fulfill the greater responsibility of both sides to enhance social influence. The general manager of life insurance hilder Leiting total China Nanning branch postal address of Mr. Peng Zhiwu then came a speech: China postal branch in Nanning and Fuld life insurance Nanning branch long-term business cooperation to deepen the friendly relations between the two sides has laid a solid foundation, and reach a consensus in social welfare undertakings, the care of left-behind children welfare to embody both the social responsibility mutual confidence and desire, but also lay the foundation for cooperation for both sides to carry out long-term social welfare activities. Next, set up by the flight life insurance Nanning branch of the volunteers took the oath, they decided to use the practical action to care for the flowers of the motherland. Subsequently, the leaders of the 10 left behind children on behalf of the development of the milk to supplement the nutritional needs of the rich, full of stationery, such as school bags full of love gift. Watched the children happy smile, Tao Wei Zhen Huang Yan Cheng minister and Tao Wei primary school principal Tao Wenqing to host the event to express a warm welcome and heartfelt thanks again and again for two points like the sense of corporate social responsibility. Volunteers took the oath after the meeting, life insurance Nanning branch Fuld through China postal Nanning branch to the left-behind children donated milk, bag, stationery bag, dolls and other love items, for the lack of parents to accompany children to love. The event in recent years, Fuld life insurance in disaster relief, education assistance, caring for children and other public areas, and actively fulfill their social responsibilities, to love their business to take practice. The "post love flight counterparts" love left.相关的主题文章: