Liar play daughter said training to 9600 yuan back to the text messages too soon be seen through

A cheater said her daughter training 9600 yuan to return messages too fast to be seen through the original title: Mom, I want to participate in the training, 9600 yuan to reporter Deng Yuehong "Mom, I want to attend a school training, costs 9600 to 12 noon, the registration deadline." Recently, Ms. Dai Chongqing received a text message, the person claiming to be the daughter of Ms. Dai, said to be reported to a training course, hoping to get the support of ms.. Originally, Ms. Dai promised, "daughter", but sent SMS to immediately pay, and because the class can not call. This has brought ms……. "Daughter" to send a text message to say on the course it is understood that Ms. Dai’s daughter this year just on the high school, Nankai Middle school. In order to facilitate contact, Ms. Dai also configured for her daughter’s cell phone, but when the class is generally not used. 12 in the morning, Ms. Dai is working, suddenly received a strange number sent text messages. "Mom, I am Xiao Yun (a pseudonym), my mobile phone is broken, and now this is my classmate’s mobile phone." After the first message, Ms. Dai quickly received second text messages. The message, "Xiaoyun told Ms. Dai, there is something urgent to discuss with her, and stressed that he is not in class now, call, after Ms. Dai see back a message. Since the other party since the beginning of the name, Ms. Dai had not yet suspected. "I thought it was a kid." So, Ms. Dai replied to the message: see, you say." As a result of class time, text messages, Ms. Dai also reminded her daughter, then back to the text messages. However, after wearing a reply, the other immediately replied to the woman wearing a text message. "Our school invited a professor at the Harvard University to teach, I want to take part in this training, do you support it?" The reporter saw in the message, "Xiao Yun," to quote the content includes business English and math theory. Text back too fast, causing suspicion "Xiaoyun said in the message youmoyouyang, however, Ms. Dai had a doubt. The speed of the liar is back soon, my daughter did not speed, but also completely believe that my family can not continue to send messages in class." Ms. Dai said that when he received the first two messages, he did not doubt how. But her daughter sent a number of long messages, and fast response, but also during the class, she did not believe that the teacher will let the child has been continuous information. In order to understand each other what you want to do, or Ms. Dai in the message "Xiao Yun", can promise to support her training, but the requirements of each class call. But the other party quickly responded to the message. "Training for a year, the cost of 9600, enrollment until today at noon before the deadline on 12." "Start or doubt, and now it is absolutely a liar." Dai lady said. There are other parents to receive the same message to determine the other is a liar, Ms. Dai did not return to the text message, and put the other numbers into the blacklist. In order to avoid other parents cheated, Ms. Dai will send SMS screenshot to the class group. See Miss wear short hair 8相关的主题文章: