Liaoning informed the rectification Wang Min political expectations did not achieve the central

Liaoning informed the rectification: Wang Min political expectations did not achieve the original title: the central conflict of the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee on patrol "look back" the rectification of the briefing according to the central deployment, from February 27, 2016 to April 28th, the central third inspection teams to carry out inspections in Liaoning province "look back", on the 29 May provincial Party Committee visited the feedback of "looking back" opinions. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, the inspection will now look back rectification to be announced. First, resolutely implement the Party Central Committee called for the deployment of the inspection to "look back" to implement corrective feedback as a major political task firmly and realistically do a good job in May 29th, the central third inspection teams to patrol the province "look back" feedback after a meeting of the Standing Committee and provincial Party Committee held a special meeting to patrol the rectification, general secretary Xi Jinping to learn to communicate in listening to the central ninth round of inspections of important speech briefing on the spirit, a deep understanding and understanding its rich connotation and spiritual essence, practical thinking and action to the general secretary of the important speech spirit, unified to the central inspection teams feedback and rectification requirements. Always adhere to the provincial inspection rectification work as a major political task, as an important starting point to promote clean government and anti-corruption struggle, as the solid medium, root, purification of remolded Liaoning political ecology and promote the revitalization of a major historical opportunity for development, determined to the Party Central, highly responsible, highly responsible to the people for the future development of Liaoning highly responsible attitude, solid rectification effect on qualified respondents. Deepen the understanding of the improvement of inspections, the central government to carry out the rectification of the ideological basis for the implementation of the central inspection teams feedback is the central opinion and requirements, reflecting the central authority. Thorough grasp patrol rectification, is the CPC Central Committee line, line, to the party’s theory and policy to the central major decisions and arrangements in line, play the core role of local Party committees, to ensure that the central government decrees the realistic and significant test. In May 29th, the central third inspection teams to "look back" feedback meeting, the provincial Party Committee immediately said "full support, zhaodanquanshou, resolute rectification, the Provincial Standing Committee meeting held immediately, implement the Party Central Committee and the central inspection team asked the deployment, on the implementation of the rectification work. June 3rd, held a Provincial Standing Committee (enlarged) meeting, seminar on patrol rectification work, and each member of the Standing Committee of the provincial people’s Congress, the provincial CPPCC party responsible comrades have put yourself into it, talk about understanding, experience, raise awareness, unity of thinking. June 9th, held a mobilization meeting of the province’s implementation of the rectification, the idea was launched to the province’s Party organizations at all levels issued a strong signal rectification. June 25th, held a provincial old leaders, old comrades to participate in the central inspection teams feedback and rectification briefing, informed the situation, to do a good job in the implementation of the rectification consensus, gathering strength. May 9th, July 2nd, July 22nd, respectively, held a Provincial Standing Committee, informed Wang Yang, Su Hongzhang, Wang Min main discipline, each of the Standing Committee on negative examples as mirror on lessons, talk about responsibility, about the warning. In July 4th, at 6相关的主题文章: