Li Chen Zhang Yi Goodfellas Heroes 9.26 landing Beijing satellite TV (video)

Li Chen Zhang Yi "Goodfellas" Heroes 9.26 landing Beijing TV Zhang Yi Li Chen "Goodfellas" ten years of cooperation in the eight two herinneringen Tencent entertainment news 45 episode TV series "Goodfellas" war theme will be landing in Beijing TV in September 26th. The play by a Beijing galloping horse Television Cultural Development Co. Ltd., Anhui television station, Chongqing radio and Television Group (Taiwan), Xi’an pony Flying Television Cultural Development Co., Ltd., Beijing galloping horse culture media Limited by Share Ltd, unity information technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., Wuxi beauty God Television Culture Co., Ltd and Xinjiang Cheng Yu Cultural Media Co. Co produced. The play by the gold medal screenwriter Lan Xiaolong dormant for four years meticulously, directed by famous director Jane Chuan he, Li Chen served as producer, producer and starring in Zhang Yi, Yang Xinming, Zhao Zhijun, with Wang Shuangbao, Wang Lie, Gao Jie, Zhang Dianlun, cuckoo, many other actress eiko. The play tells the story of the incident after the "seed hero" after Shanghai and the northwest, after suffering the dangers of going out of the war story. "Goodfellas" to the incident for the fuse, the play to Castle Peak, Lu Yan (Zhang Yishi) as the core of the "Goodfellas" had an important command headquarters, to protect them from the northwest to Shanghai comrades, they did not know each other to cover the fight. In time, Mr. Tu (Li Chenshi) led by bandits, the Kuomintang and the traitors and the Japanese from "bad guys" is along the way for them to strike. The drama based on the continuation of the screenwriter Lan Xiaolong "men play" tough style, using "dual core double helical structure" of the narrative, with a "seed" action involves a party, gang, send the dispute. But the time went to the northwest in high and vigorous spirits mission met with Lu inflammation, then establish a subtle relationship, in a time of cooperation and confrontation, seek the truth behind the action, personal ideals and feelings, like a seed germination, rooting, step by step to complete its mission. This serves as the producer and starring drama, Li Chen subvert the past affection, refined image, the first challenge Henla villains. Turning to the play, Li Chen said that time is a type of character he has never touched, and the play can be described as his best works in recent years". Another partner out from "soldier assault" in the brothers Zhang Yi, Li Chen with guns, face Pigong Guacai, a pair of hard villain color; Zhang Yi is carrying a briefcase in hand, such as refined scholar, the two heroes in the play staged a love to kill the plot. Commenting on the collaboration, Li Chen said this is the eighth time cooperation of two people, would have been the "seven year itch", the official form sworn brothers". We can say this upcoming September 26th Beijing TV broadcast of "Goodfellas" is not only the "good brothers", Li Chen Zhang Yi, the game "good partner" Lan Xiaolong and Jane Chuan he behind, with philosophical character, style of language and Western drama the characteristics of transfer of faith, "fun" offbeat show men play. The second half of this year is expected to become the TV ratings of "good horse".相关的主题文章: