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Let us understand the suffering of men – weak sperm – Sohu maternal and child fertility is a woman’s talent, but whether it can successfully breed, in which men also play a vital role. Under normal circumstances, if the male ejaculation within 1-2 hours, there are more than 70% of the number of active sperm is normal, if less than 50% as an abnormal situation, belong to low sperm motility, we call it a weak sperm disease. Weak sperm disease is one of the important causes of male infertility, male friends if suffering from a weak sperm disease, will lead to low sperm motility in men, and even lead to male infertility. There are many reasons, so everyone sick, male weak sperm what causes it? When there is infection of the reproductive system of male reproductive system infection, such as epididymis, vas deferens, seminal vesicle and prostate and other organs in acute and chronic inflammation, sperm motility also decreased significantly. Inflammation of the reproductive system may be one of the important reasons for the presence of white blood cells in the semen of men, or poor liquefaction. The effect of inflammation on sperm motility can be various. The direct effect of pathogenic microorganisms on sperm, such as head, middle and tail of mycoplasma can be adsorbed on the sperm, the sperm forward movement when the hydrodynamic resistance increased, movement slowing effect on sperm motility and the ability to penetrate the oocyte; in addition, Mycoplasma may damage sperm membrane defects or even part of the membrane structure, the effects of fertilization the ability of sperm. The indirect effect of pathogenic microorganisms on sperm can be caused by the production or release of toxic substances. In the course of growth, NH3 has a direct toxic effect on sperm. The decrease of sperm motility caused by infection can also be achieved by changing the pH value of seminal plasma. When the pH value is lower than 7 or higher than 8, the sperm motility is decreased obviously. In addition, inflammation caused by white blood cells in the semen, can cause direct and indirect reasons for the decline in sperm motility. The lack of sperm motility caused by prostatitis may be the result of a variety of factors, in addition to microorganisms, white blood cells, pH and other factors, but also may be related to the metabolic disorder of zinc. If there is a weak male varicocele, but also to determine whether the cause of varicocele. It not only affects the occurrence of sperm, but also causes a decline in sperm motility. When the blood retention of varicocele, testicular microcirculation caused by local disorders, lack of nutrition and oxygen partial pressure reduction, energy generation will affect the formation and activity of sperm. Therefore, if the existence of severe varicocele, is often associated with oligospermia weak sperm, mild generally has little effect. In life, we use simple physical examination can be set, such as touching the skin of scrotum with curved surface vein, spermatic vein and varicose winding consultation can compress the soft block, like a worm feeling, supine mass disappeared, there are some people standing for a long time will have the scrotum bulge discomfort, these are the performance of varicocele. Antisperm antibody anti sperm antibody is one of the causes of weak sperm. If the male vasectomy, testicular biopsy, testicular torsion, reproductive tract damage and reproductive tract infection,.相关的主题文章: