Leshan woman and her daughter, video chat insurance cheated 100 thousand yuan (video) 660003

Leshan woman and daughter studying "video chat" insurance cheated 100 thousand yuan 48 year old Ms. Hu Leshan (micro-blog) in central city, the daughter of United States to Germany to graduate school, Ms. Hu almost every day chatting with WeChat and daughter video. September 24th morning 11 am, the United States in the mobile phone chat tools sent information asked "here, mom?" Ms. Hu has yet to return information, United States issued a video invitation, Ms. Hu quickly switched on, she saw the video is the daughter of the image, but the screen is not only sound, video lasted only 10 seconds off. Ms Wu did not want to talk on the text. Small reputation, the toilet accidentally put the phone out of the water, the machine can not only use the computer chat tool. Small reputation, Professor Zhang to return to school yesterday, the sick father to do the surgery. Professor Zhang is not convenient to take too much cash on the plane, 60 thousand euros will be returned to her before returning to her to help him into the domestic account for over two days. But when she was in remittances, several banks are in the system, temporarily unable to remit. Mei told her mother that her mobile phone is broken, Professor Zhang can not contact her, so I want to call Ms. Hu to help contact professor zhang. Ms. Hu dialed a small salon Professor Zhang’s cell phone number, to explain the daughter of remittances and mobile phone damage. After the call, the United States and in the chat tools sent to a foreign currency deposit single photo, said Professor Zhang gave her first 60 thousand euros exists for your account, "Professor Zhang told me very care, or your mother at home to think of a way to collect money for a pad with Professor zhang." Ms. Hu did not dare to neglect, Professor Zhang once again to the phone, ask the current need to how much money. Professor Zhang said the need for 150 thousand medical expenses, Ms. Hu said he can help raise $100 thousand. 1 pm the same day, Ms. Hu arrived at the Leshan city China bank Leshan branch Binjiang Road branch, took out a cheque for 100 thousand yuan deposit to withdraw cash, and anxiously inquire about remittances. Ms. Hu’s move attracted the attention of the staff. After viewing the chat on the phone with her daughter on the phone, the staff decided that this is a fraud scam customers cheat daughter account fraud cheat customer funds. After confirmation of deception, Ms Hu quickly sent to her daughter’s message to WeChat, so she saw the message quickly after the call. 4 pm the same day, the United States call heard mother after the encounter, only to find their own account stolen. Ms Wu is wondering, the network chat video, she obviously see the appearance of her daughter, how would it be a liar? In this regard, the Leshan Municipal Public Security Bureau Investigation Brigade detachment cases relevant responsible person said, there may be a computer virus, open the camera and recorded video computer control. Police advise, in the face of someone borrowing through the network tools, we must be vigilant, to verify through a variety of ways. Zhou Jie Chengdu Daily reporter Gu Aigang editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for extended reading the old man play more than girls chat with a Bachelors of more than 30.相关的主题文章: