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Leica’s first polaroid camera, the history of the most expensive as long as 2000 yuan – Sohu technology has a Leica camera, is one of photography enthusiasts dream. But any one can reach the price of $10 thousand, so many people can not afford. Recently, Leica accidentally launched a Polaroid camera SOFORT, $299 (about 1995 yuan) price, a history of the most expensive Leica camera. Leica SOFORT flagship fashion style, with white, orange, mint green three color, the use of generic instaxt format paper (62*46mm), built-in f 12.7 aperture lens (equivalent focal length of 34mm), the sensitivity is 800 ISO. From the parameters, like a Fuji OEM product, its shape is also very similar with Fuji Instax mini90. (Fuji Instax mini90) but with the "coke", the other is not important, faith is greater than all the Leica SOFORT has a variety of shooting modes: automatic shooting, shooting, party and character movement and dynamic shooting, macro and multiple exposure time exposure and creative shooting modes. In addition, Leica SOFORT also provides a self timer and automatic timing of two different delay shooting mode. In order to ensure the best results for each shot, the camera will automatically adjust the appropriate exposure time and aperture settings. Leica SOFORT with automatic flash function, can automatically trigger flash. Of course, you can also according to the shooting scene, manually open or close the flash. In order to meet the self like friends, Leica SOFORT also specially designed a rectangular reflector, self more convenient. In addition to color paper, Leica also caring for the love of black and white photography provides users with black and white photographic paper. Leica SOFORT is also a special selection of warm color of the white frame, to highlight the nostalgia of the film shoot. Whether it is color or black and white photographic paper package, all for the 10 shot. In addition, there are 20 pieces of color paper packages to choose from, is two times the average number of papers. About life, the official data given is 20 degrees can take 100 pictures, you love enough paper. Now the camera in the pre stage, is expected in November spot Oh ~ ————END————– to let mobile phone can become a Polaroid? Install a line ~ WeChat search and the number of public concern: fruit net reply: good self will be able to get instant polaroid!相关的主题文章: