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Lee Garden tunnel renovation project will be completed the main opening of the two sides of the opening of the main renovation project of the lotus garden tunnel, the two sides will be open to traffic (in November 14th). Reporter intern reporter Guo Jin photo (reporter Yang Jun) November 14th, the reporter learned from the Lee Garden tunnel renovation project construction side, the project has completed the construction of the main body, is now entering the finishing stage of the. Expected this year, the whole project will be completed. Reporters in the morning at the project site to see, to the direction of hongqihegou flower garden was opened, the traffic flow a lot than before. Previously, Lee Garden tunnel for two lane traffic, congestion obvious. After the transformation, the original Lee Garden tunnel was removed, the road is also widened to three lanes, significantly easing the traffic pressure in this section. In the flower garden to hongqihegou direction, engineering area through the fence, the vehicle in accordance with the original route, to around a corner to enter the Red River region turntable. Construction side official said that the current construction of this road has been completed, but because of the change in the traffic structure, the corresponding traffic signs are still in construction, the relevant departments to be opened after the acceptance of qualified. Lee Garden tunnel was built in the last century in 80s, is an important node, Wong bang hongqihegou to Pine Bridge, traffic is large. In order to clear the hongqihegou, electronic school, leech beam, Pine Bridge four traffic obstruction, the city in February 2014 to start the tunnel widening project. (Chongqing daily)相关的主题文章: