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Arts-and-Entertainment Manoj Bajpai is another name amongst the diverse actors with intensity. After the role of a corrupt teacher in Aarakshan, Manoj Bajpayi appeared in his new avatar of todays Ravan in his latest Lanka movie. Lanka is the brain child of director Maqbool Khan. Arjan Bajwa and Haunted famous heroine Tia Bajpai were the other important characters of the movie. The whole movie talks about those devils of the society who still rule the small corners of India. Manoj Bajpai casted the role of Jaswant Sisodiya, who is the uncrowned emperor of the small town of Uttar Pradesh named Bijnor. He is the one who can create the laws as well as can break the regulations. Even the law gives a blind gaze to all his misdeeds. The movie starts with a scene of a hospital where a female doctor is taking care of a badly beaten woman in the OPD. The distressed lady, who is terrified enough, explains the doctor that the injuries are the outcome of her fall in the bathroom. Her husband is besides her. Doctor flies into fury and tries to give her husband a good lesson for his deed. For all these, Doctor gets punished for her behaviour by the Dean who asks her to go on a leave to correct her conduct. Here comes the entry of the flashbacks that connect the audience to the real tragedy where the Lanka opens out the story of six years ago. As the story proceeds, we get to see the three main characters that originate three stable angles of the film. Lanka is the story of a trapped woman with no route to flee free. As per the Lanka movie reviews, Jaswant Sisodiya, the local gangster of the crime ridden area Bijnor falls in lustful love of Anshu (Tia Bajpai). He becomes the daily visitor of her at the night time. He forces her and her family to possess her and takes maximum advantage of their hopeless situation. Soon Sisodiyas foster brother (Arjan Bajwa) starts fighting against all the miseries of Anshu to be her saviour. At the end, that lady doctor shots Sisodiya who pleads to be killed. The story has a very sloth speed in describing Anshus misery that fails to create the hooking point in the movie. So the main originating point of the story concept gets lost somewhere within the movie script. The music is sometimes no better than a horror movie. Movie becomes slightly more appealing when the clash occurred between the corrupt egocentric cop Bhoop Singh (Yashpal Sharma) and Sisodiya. Lanka movie rating is not up to the mark for a number of flaws. Both of the Tia and Arjan did not come up with more variety in expressions. A tortured, depressing expression was plastered to Tias face all along the movie length. Arjan also wore a perplexed face. Bollywood is already full of movies where murderers are shown unpunished; properties get seized as well as women are used like commodities. So Lanka is nothing new in the regard. An extra labour for Pruning and editing part of the movie would go in favour of the movie. UP already becomes a centre of crime story based movies from the 80s. The change comes only in the packaging of the film. So the repetition of the same plot and the similar concept will turn off the glamour along with the talent of Manoj Bajpai. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: