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"2" Nirvana in Fire Jie Huang Xiaoming Liu Haoran lineup unveiled Sina entertainment news by screenwriter Sheng Hai Yan, hole [micro-blog], Li Xue directed force, Nirvana in Fire the wind Lin Hou Hongliang [micro-blog] as a producer of "" (hereinafter referred to as the "wind Lin") since the announcement will lead to the parties concerned preparatory. Today, the main actor neat appearance from Huang Xiaoming [micro-blog] (in particular), Liyan Tong [micro-blog] (a special star), Liu Haoran, Wu Haochen, Sun Chun [micro-blog] [micro-blog] [micro-blog], Ting Mei, Zhang Bo, Guo Jingfei, Qiao Xin [micro-blog]. The lineup is suction eye, while the lineup. The report also marked "wind Lin" project into the boot countdown stage. After Lin will be the stars of "exposing the surface wind Lin Jing," the story begins with a son of King Daliang new emperor ascended the throne of more than ten years, Jing Wang Mei Long and Su Junyi passed away, and the former harem power game never stops, the beam also fuunsaiki border…… See the creation, also will continue to "Nirvana in Fire" kernel, even continuous imperial ambition, wind rain a generation, even if the world is not absolutely fair, not everyone should be treated, still have such a group of people doing the right thing that oneself, a pure heart is always hot. In the play, Huang Xiaoming and Liyan Tong will partner for the first time on the screen, especially in Prince Xiao Ping and his wife Lin Wang Meng Qianxue; Liu Haoran Xiao Tingsheng Xiao Jing Ping led starred in the second; have long become long Lin army coach Xiao Tingsheng will play by Sun Chun featuring a portrait of Ting Mei bone; member, acting as the holding power of the Queen’s palace. Teamed up with Guo Jingfei as Puyang Ying home and abroad, has become an important force to influence the plot; the young actor Wu Haochen plays another important secret Royal Children Xiao Yuanqi. In addition, Zhang Bo plays the leading Xunzi flying light, and in the "Ode to joy" shut "niceking suddenly, as the Queen’s niece, Ann Xun xun. TV drama "friendship will be handed down from age to age Nirvana in Fire" neutral lattice distinctive characters and transfer, the audience for friendship will utter innocence moved. "The wind" and "although the origin story of Lin Nirvana in Fire" is not the same, but will still be a valuable spiritual priceless friendship for the thrust to continue; at the same time, a new story structure and character creation relationship screenwriter Hai Yan combines plot and suspense, believe that will bring a new different Opera experience for the audience. Another classic together worth mentioning is that the "wind" will be made by the original cast, surgeon, two, director Kong Sheng Li Xue and producer Hou Hongliang will be gathered again to play the escort, in order to continue Langya while the essence of the improvement and breakthrough. It is reported that the "wind up", the preparatory work is in an orderly manner, is expected in mid December this year, the boot, please look forward to. (commissioning editor: vhaha)相关的主题文章: