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Lang Ping Liu Xiaoqing: two legendary women more than 50 years of friendship [Abstract] in the recording, the queen sat on the throne of the show on the show, the audience unanimously shouted, ", Lang Ping, Lang Ping". Talking about the Olympic Games after winning the life, Lang Ping said that he has no time to stay. Lang Ping took the women’s volleyball team to participate in "every day" Liu Xiaoqing surprise appearance Tencent entertainment news paper thousand in September 12th, a new period of "every day", Chinese women’s volleyball program. Coach Lang Ping with his love, Zhu Ting, together with Hui Ruoqi. As Liu Xiaoqing and Lang Ping Shendu, appeared as surprise guests. Liu Xiaoqing introduction, he and Lang Ping together to know 51 years, often meet in private two. In her impression, Lang Ping is the "iron hammer, I would love to see others buckle dead". Gloria Tang, Phoenix legend, Sha Baoliang also participated in the recording of this episode. Liu Xiaoqing: when I look at women’s volleyball training are tired to foaming at the mouth before the taping, Liu Xiaoqing first accepted the reporter’s interview. According to "every day" program group staff introduction, Liu Xiaoqing is the program group dedicated to Lang Ping’s surprise guests, Lang Ping did not know the arrival of Liu Xiaoqing. Talked about and Lang Ping’s private education, Liu Xiaoqing said, "from the training of the Chinese women’s volleyball team in, I know her, specially for her today". Omatsu Hirofumi came to China in 1965 to help train the Chinese women’s volleyball team for a month. At that time, Lang Ping was 5 years old, and Liu Xiaoqing was 10 years old. Two people from childhood to big. Liu Xiaoqing looked at the women’s volleyball training, they often look tired to froth at the mouth, then they took the world champion". At that time, Liu Xiaoqing, the film is also very popular, and the two are often together to participate in the party". Talked about the impression of Lang Ping, Liu Xiaoqing said, "she is iron hammer well, I would love to see others buckle dead". Now Lang Ping’s women’s volleyball team, there is no lack of such a high value of the face of the players like Hui Ruoqi. Turning to the players to enter the entertainment circle, Liu Xiaoqing said, "they are welcome to come over. Is the image of good, clever, regardless of family style. Sports players like fireworks, firecrackers, very gorgeous, but it is harmful to life. We must be long." But the upright girl huireqi said, "we are too high"? Lang Ping on the selected women’s volleyball players need to look at the "color value" said Hui Ruoqi with Victoria Secret than their female guy program recording, Lang Ping sat on the throne of the Queen appeared on the scene in the show, the audience shouted "Lang Ping and Lang Ping agree". Talking about the Olympic Games after winning the life, Lang Ping said that he has no time to stay. "Iron hammer" has always been to show people the image of Lang Ping, broke the news in addition to their own volleyball, little is known about other things. Reporters at the scene is also mentioned as Lang Ping’s long legs, a head to ask "what is the Victoria’s secret? And before the Phoenix legend, Lang Ping did not know that they are a few men and women". But the players Zhu Ting, Hui Ruoqi’s obviously more familiar, said he usually will pay attention to. "But they are too thin, we more exercise. In front of them, it should be a woman man". Asked whether former women’s volleyball team and choose now is different, Lang Ping said with a smile: "Yeah, now look at the color value". In order to communicate with his teammates, Lang Ping will learn some 9!相关的主题文章: