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Lang Ping said the Olympic Games Brazil impressed me most and what will say what? Lang Ping, women’s volleyball girls in Xiamen to attend the activities of Beijing, Xiamen in September 24, on the morning of 24, Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping led the team Xu Yunli, Yan Ni, Yuan Xinyue, Ding Xia, Zhang Changning, Gong Xiangyu, Lin Li appeared in Xiamen, attended the celebration. Deputy director of the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau before China women’s volleyball coach Chen Zhonghe, Fujian women’s volleyball team, Ji Hou Yuzhu general Wang Ziling also invited to attend. Chinese women’s volleyball history two meritorious coach Lang Ping, Chen Zhonghe at the Rio Olympics the first time together, also let the activities more warm. Seven women’s volleyball girls attended the day’s activities, especially just after the Asian Cup campaign of Zhang Changning and Gong Xiangyu also arrived in Xiamen, is a series of activities after winning the Olympic Games, women’s volleyball girls debut people most of the time. Nearly 400 Chinese women’s volleyball team also came to the event, including the selection of the fans through the scene of micro-blog and Lang Ping and women’s volleyball players interact with the three. Tian Zongqi, a famous volleyball commentator, made an interview with the players at the scene of the event at the event on the spot at the scene of the game. "" "" "" "". Gong Xiangyu’s interview with the youngest team, Tian Zongqi asked, in the semi-final victory after holding the Lang guide cried in a complete mess, Lang guide to what she said. Gong Xiangyu replied: "Lang led me to remember this feeling, it is necessary to take a good look, this will be a valuable asset in life." When it comes to the Rio Olympic Games, the most impressive game, Lang Ping bluntly, certainly with the Brazil team that ball, because if lost on the home. "But the knockout, no matter who the opponent is, we even chance, to see who can fight it out." Xu Yunli also said that although the group phase team played very smoothly, but in the team against Brazil, we face the "battle of life and death", thought very unified, especially by confidence, believe that the strength of the team to defeat the opponent. The activities of the day, X.M.B children’s Furniture Group Chairman Qiu Jiduan awarded 5 million yuan bonus to Chinese women’s volleyball Olympic champion, honor Zhangzhou this spring training promise "won the Olympics will be rewarded" commitment. (end)相关的主题文章: