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Zhejiang Suichang landslides have rescued 15 people 26 people are still lost – Beijing, Zhejiang online news (reporter Ying Jianyong) in September 29th this year by the fourteenth typhoon "Meranti" and the seventeenth typhoon "catfish" has affected the south of Zhejiang, Southwest Zhejiang sustained heavy rainfall. 17:28 on September 28th Xu, Haruki Su Village natural village north of town of Lishui city Suichang County landslides, some houses were destroyed. As of 3 am today, the scene has been successfully rescued a total of 15 people, initially identified as there are still lost contact with the people of the 25, including the masses of the masses, the masses are the scene of the transfer of the masses of cadres in the town of 1. Premier of the State Council of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Li Keqiang, vice premier of the State Council, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Zhang Gaoli, Secretary of the Central Committee, State Councilor Yang Jing, Secretary General of the State Council, State Councilor Wang Yong were given instructions and asked to organize search and rescue, make the greatest efforts to reduce casualties, the proper placement of the affected people. At the same time, strengthen monitoring and early warning to prevent secondary disasters. After receiving the report, the provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Xia Baolong given instructions immediately, requiring rapidly organized forces to do the rescue work, to do the rescue work injured. Should pay attention to scientific rescue, prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters, to the affected people to do the transfer, evacuation and resettlement and relief work. All localities should pay close attention to Mopai, to prevent similar disasters. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee, acting governor of Che Jun also make instructions, request to rescue people’s lives and property safety as the first task, go all out, rescue personnel trapped at all costs. 28, 18 PM, Xia Baolong, Che Jun rushed to the provincial government on duty in the emergency command center, took command of the night. Provincial Party Secretary Wang Huizhong rushed to the Hunan Province, flood prevention work on the guide surface. Ge Huijun, Wang Xinhai, also went to the provincial Party committee, the provincial government emergency command center to participate in the command of the. Xia Baolong Che Jun, principal, vice governor Sun Jingmiao, the provincial military commander Feng Wenping, Provincial Armed Police Corps commander white beach rushed to the scene, on behalf of the provincial government guide the on-site rescue work. Before the disaster, in view of the impact of typhoon heavy rainfall, Suichang county cadres in accordance with the plan to mobilize the masses to mobilize the mobilization of the hidden points. In the town of village cadres repeatedly mobilized when the last batch of people to evacuate, unfortunately, landslides, leading to some houses were buried, and the formation of the lake in the landslide area. After the disaster, Lishui City, Suichang County immediately launched the geological disasters especially serious response level I, the local city and county leaders rushed to the scene the first time, the establishment of Suichang local rescue and medical aid 8 special working group to carry out rescue work. The province’s armed police, public security, fire, health, land, water, electricity, telecommunications, mobile, transportation and other rescue personnel rushed to the scene to carry out rescue. In the provincial government attended the emergency command center, Xia Baolong continued to connect disaster site and Lishui, Suichang, Zhejiang public security fire brigade command center, provincial flood prevention headquarters, emergency rescue command, request earnestly implement the important instructions of the central leading comrades spirit, seize the golden 72 hours rescue valuable time, night rescue, race don’t put.相关的主题文章: