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Lan Kwai Fong racecourse, indulge Lieyan Hongkong Island – Sohu tourism galloping horse heroic, million people cheering the bustling scene, horse racing only to visit the site in order to feel. It is said that the whole of Hongkong, one of three people, there is a horse fans". Horse racing has long gone beyond the sport itself and become a way of life. A station to Tongluowan from the island of Shangri-La subway to Hongkong island in the heart of the happy valley, here is a jubilant crowd, the deafening music is irresistible warm. If we say that this is the racecourse, rather it is an exciting party. The blond guy holding a beer and girls Ariza hot drink together, everyone can find a reason to be happy here. Remember someone said the night race luxury is not the same in everyone’s eyes, I agree and think all people who have been difficult to forget that night brilliant. Someone said: "to really feel Hongkong, go to Sheung wan. All kinds of shops here will make you fascinated." As the Hongkong culture of the most strong blocks, Sheung Wan attracts more and more tourists. Sheung Wan traffic is not very convenient to people visiting the shop will stand out from the central subway, take the elevator to the mid levels, and then continue to sit in Staunton street, Sheung Wan direction. The benefits of this go is not easy to climb the slope, and the street store package you can always happy to go on. That year, the movie "echoes of the rainbow" save a street was demolished, the story took place in Sheung Wan Wynn street, half street and Wynn street, is Hollywood Road and temple. Hollywood Road and nearby streets littered with antique shops, in which you can buy all kinds of snuff bottle, bird cage, teapot and painting. If you want to clean up the antiques, it’s absolutely true. Temple is the pilgrimage to Sheung Wan residents daily, though small, is the oldest temple in Hongkong. The temple of dim light, flickering candle from the outside and the sun cast together, creating a strange atmosphere. For the love of the old Hongkong flavor, in the ring round the sweeps, sit on the trolley of the old Hongkong people feel just a ride or air, the best location is of course two front seat. The Hongkong tram operation since 1904, by the single into double, then add a cover, Ding for nearly 100 years. The tram is certainly a lot slower, but it doesn’t get out of the subway or bus because it’s slow. Hongkong tram, is Eileen Chang’s feeling, although around Things change, but still retains the old tram way, but the old is not out of date, everyone in this era of nostalgia, more fashionable. The night in Sheung Wan, never missing is colored wine with all the hotties, light of the ambiguous, people of different backgrounds meet here. In Hong Kong, seeking to relax the heroine after work, usually in a narrow space by Lan Kwai Fong accidentaly across, boundless vitality of urban people. And after the encounter study L相关的主题文章: