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Knox World Cup partner why a butcher? The original background pawns so deep sina sports news Beijing on November 16th news, as a friend, they couldn’t be more close to the. Previously, they are very close to the level of golf. Russell Knox (Russell  Knox) and Duncan Stewart (Duncan  Stewart) all grew up in the highlands of Scotland, houses are 30 miles apart. Together they went to the University of Jacksonville, four years as a teammate. But since the the Atlantic regional Championships, they have moved on in two entirely different directions. And that was 9 years ago. Two brothers did not think that one day, the two people can also form a dream combination". Knox ranked eighteenth in the world, including resume a world golf championship victory, at the same time, because this summer failed the Ryder Cup, becoming the world attention miserable people. Duncan Stewart worked in a slaughterhouse, drive cabs for daily rations from dawn to dusk. But he decided to borrow a sum of money from the bank, and finally he tried it on the golf course, and his plan succeeded. In April, he participated in a challenge with a wild card in Spain on a tour, he made the victory. His world ranking rose by nearly 1000, to reach the 315 place, eventually won the European tour card. Russell Knox did not forget the friends. Scotland as the world’s highest ranked player, Knox have the qualifications to choose the next week in Kingstown Australia – Heath Golf Club (Kingston  Heath) held the world cup of golf partner, as long as he chooses his teammates into the top 500 world rankings. And he finally chose Duncan – Stewart. For some, this is a surprising choice, because Duncan – before there are three players in Scotland. But for Knox, the choice can not be easier. "We will have to discuss this matter in the future, we will talk about the rest of my life," Russell Knox said, "we will have the best time, it will be a historic." When Duncan Stewart Knox in May first proposed this idea, Duncan Stewart thought he was joking. However, Russell Knox has in the travelers Championship second PGA Tour champion, Duncan gave Stewart sent a Short Message, ask the golf world cup that week, he has what arrangement. "The last thing he said was, ‘we have to win it,’" said Duncan – Stewart. Paul Lawrie (Paul  Lawrie) is the first choice of the questioned player, he said on Twitter: "Duncan Stewart is ranked second Scots?" British Open champion believes that Scotland should be sent to the top two players to participate in the competition. But then again this year相关的主题文章: