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"King of comedy" pollution on-line yiyanbuge open sewage – Sohu entertainment in August 30th, by the odd tree fish produced, and exclusive issue of Comedy Network Movie "king of kings" in the official and exclusive on-line video Tencent. The film director Wang Zhaoda directed, and appeared in person. Five different stories into modern fashion elements, a nonsensical Story + ultimate brain hole wild with fun China version of black humor, injected a fresh blood into the movie comedy network market. The film is both "golden gun man" sexy small pants, or a "new era" of the wonderful fight and beggars everywhere, interspersed with let you be struck dumb stalk, "the devil" more military training, a spoof comedy completely save student military training nightmare, small fresh and hot plot intertwined, who also escape the "Mafia" dragon and tiger general non rush wars, "and a" true colour of a hero brought tragedy underpants…… Strange every year, particularly this year! A word is not on the dirt, three words can not be separated from small underwear, underwear strokes who provoke who! "King of kings" from the dirty plot or performance style, bold out comedy consistent routine complete liberation, the inherent thinking, every story with witty yet connotation and moved. To get rid of the vulgar culture, continuously stalk minutes to increase your bursting point. Any of a successful comedy works, can let you think in comedy, moved in after the excitement, can let the audience remember the film after the comedy in the connotation, this is a comedy should have feelings. "King of the dirty king", can let you dirty, also let you cry. Director Wang Zhaoda personally starred in the king of the king, the king of the team, whether it is the ability of the team or sincerity are convincing, aimed at creating high-end black comedy. The aesthetics of violence with black humor gives the film a great topic and interest. The film was produced and distributed by the odd tree. There are fish with their own advantages of resources and a full range of marketing and super odd tree, established in just one year to create numerous network movie boutique! This time, the king of the dirty king is a high standard, strict requirements of the sincerity of the! A word is not open, August 30th, please pay attention to Tencent video. We are dirty! Not only the pollution!相关的主题文章: