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In a mood of high-altitude parabolic junior high school students 2 hours flying down the papers iPad original title: sky "paper rain" is female students emotional firefighters downstairs arrangement of lifesaving air cushion, at this time in the air are still falling paper books. Public Wong for the text of the Guangzhou Daily reporter Chen Ying, Qin Song, heaven paper rain!" At noon yesterday, near Yuexiu District road building four Dean building residents witnessed this strange scene: I saw a variety of books papers, supplies from a window in the building 16 floor has been thrown down, the frightened neighbors looked up and found that the parabolic is a woman, and a parabolic farce lasted for two hours, then even drop down a iPad. Because the woman is worried about safety, neighborhood alarm for help. Then the woman was rescued, we found that the original throwing things is a female student. Parking toll "shot" risk injury at noon yesterday is close to 12, the parking staff Mr. Xie is usual in Durban tower, before work. Suddenly, he found a few small objects on the ground, and then feel what he was playing something. He looked up and turned out to be a small ball. "It was supposed to hit the ground and bounce back on my head, so I wasn’t hurt." Mr. Xie introduced. At first, Mr. Xie thought that the child is also a practical joke, but continuously throw things down. "I looked up, upstairs a woman leaned out, also to throw things below." Mr. Xie said, fortunately, she threw the first thing is small, otherwise dangerous." Feel things are not right, Mr. Xie trot rushed to the police in the vicinity of Yuexiu District police station. At this time, the girls have begun to throw something bigger, and more and more people standing next to the downstairs, and to remind passers-by not to go through the following. Rain, the more the greater the   firefighters shop in the vicinity of the work of the air according to Mr. Pan introduced, the girls then dropped the main thing is the textbooks and daily necessities, off and on for two hours. "There are a lot of things on the third floor on the third floor of the sidewalk and the motor drive." Mr. Pan said. Reporters rushed to the scene, the ground is also littered with English newspaper, Chinese history textbooks, the third day political review notes and other learning materials. As the girls continued mood excited, thrown down something "lethality" is also growing, in addition to the quilt, wood, and even a piggy bank and iPad. Firefighters arrived at the scene to see the situation, and then put the fire in the downstairs air cushion, police cordoned off the scene, there is an ambulance on standby at any time. Girls have been rescued when the mood is not calm around 2:20 p.m., the girls were successfully rescued. "Two women in yellow helped her to a police car." Pan said that the girls in the car before the mood is still very excited, has been said, let me go, want to break free. After the incident, the police will throw down iPad and other valuables to the girl’s family, cleaning workers to clean up the scene, the road was once again Yan相关的主题文章: