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.puters-and-Technology There has been a lot of press lately about the government’s requirement to cease the sale of incandescent light bulbs. Some people are upset since they’ve grown accustomed the light. Others are confused and think that they will be forced to spend more money on more expensive light bulbs. However, this isn’t the case. Joseph McFadden of Longwood, FL has worked in the energy efficiency industry for over twenty years. He has seen the immense amount of savings businesses and homes can acquire simply by switching to fluorescent or other more efficient light bulbs. Joseph McFadden ofLongwood, FL thinks that people are simply misinformed about how much they actually save with energy efficient light bulbs. When it .es to choices consumers and businesses have, almost every light bulb is better than an incandescent light bulb. Let’s take a look at the most popular alternatives to the incandescent bulb and how much they can save you in the long run. After all, about 12% of a home’s energy bill goes to lighting! CFL or .pact Fluorescent Light bulbs are hands down more efficient than incandescent bulbs. Incandescent bulbs lose around 98% of their energy as heat NOT light! When you’re looking at a CFL they are about 75% more efficient! If you switched all of your light bulbs to CFLs you could save on average $200. They might cost a little more up front, but given the extended life and the much more efficient energy usage, you ultimately save money, and lots of it. Halogen light bulbs are an option for those people who simply cannot stand CFL bulbs. They .bine technologies to make a better light bulb with similar light to the incandescent. They aren’t as efficient as CFLs, but they are anywhere from 10% to 40% more efficient than the old style light bulbs. Each bulb lasts about a year and a half of usage and you’ll probably pay off the cost of the bulb in less than a year due to energy savings .pared to the incandescent bulbs. Lastly, we .e to LED bulbs. These are the cream of the crop of light bulbs and the technology has been improving every year. One bulb does cost around $40, but they last around 50,000 hours which is far more than any bulb out there. Fortunately, it is so efficient that it will save you about $13.00 in energy costs every year. It’s likely going to last about 12 years. That’s some serious savings! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: