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Ji’nan young children barefoot "around the China" welcome National Day – Shandong Channel – people.com.cn people.com.cn September 30 Ji’nan Xinhua (Liu Qi) 29 afternoon, Ji’nan City Park Primary School Kindergarten held a national day "barefoot around the China map", the children walking barefoot in the China made from waste materials on the map, to to celebrate the 67 anniversary of the birthday of the motherland. It is reported that the kindergarten use newspaper ball, pebbles, bubble film, egg holder, carton, foam, sponge and other waste materials, to produce a variety of foot touch plate, surrounded by "Chinese map" in the playground, and marked as part of children on behalf of provinces and cities, and the Yellow River Yangtze River two dragon. At the beginning of the children under the leadership of the teachers and parents to do dynamic barefoot warm-up exercises, activities of each joint. Then, the children embark on a "Chinese map", the name for understanding of the city, with bare feet feel different provinces. Wow, the capital of Beijing is really beautiful, "Tibet is high to climb over the past!" The children shouted with joy of jumping. According to the kindergarten Bi Wei, barefoot children naturally conform to the international popular love, with barefoot exercise, promote a more healthy and natural way. Stimulation of foot and leg small muscles, thereby enhancing children’s body feeling, awakening the senses, more closely connected to the earth, let the body and mind are more "down to earth", so as to improve their physique, improve children’s intelligence development. The motherland mother’s birthday in such a way to open up a fresh outlook to celebrate, environmentally friendly and healthy, the children in the harvest of knowledge at the same time, the barefoot game gained a healthy and happy, I believe that this will be the children rare childhood experience. Share to: (commissioning editor: Liu Yingjie, Hu Honglin)相关的主题文章: