Ji’nan overnight nine private car owners have been sprayed with red paint in the new network alarm-visualboyadvance

Ji’nan overnight nine private car owners have been sprayed with red paint – alarm Beijing 17 am 1:00, Wells Village East arch, 8 cars were sprayed with red paint. Coincidentally, Yangjiazhuang village also has a car was a calamity. 17 early in the morning, the reporter linked to the well ditch home owners of the two. According to them, the car stopped here since I bought it. "We are not here to monitor, see through their own home to install the camera: at about 1:00, a twenty or thirty year old man with a thing hovering in the car nearby, but the image is too vague, do not see the specific characteristics." Ms. Zhang said. Another car advocates that the car was just bought, the brand has not been hung. "The right side of the engine and the hood are sprayed. Monitoring shows that the boy is about twenty or thirty years old, with the tool is the common paint cans." Coincidentally. In the vicinity of Yangjiazhuang, a car is "gelsenkirchen". The owner said, 4:00 received more than 8 in the morning to send a text message to inform his car was sprayed with red paint, in the morning to see the body appeared a red "number". "I just bought the car for more than half a month, a week ago to hang the card." It is understood that there is no installation monitoring. The car took the face how compensation? Reporters asked the 3 victims of the owners, said the insurance company does not compensate, if you can not find people who can only repair paint. Yangjiazhuang victims owners said, buy their own insurance and no accident was painting this business, although the insurance company has specialized in this kind of insurance, but they did not buy. Who would have thought that just bought the car was sprayed paint, can only bear the loss of their own." Owners estimate, if the car re painting, polishing, then probably spend one thousand or two thousand yuan. After the incident, the owners have been alarm. At present, the specific situation is still under investigation.相关的主题文章: