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Jiangxi three years to develop the poverty poverty-stricken population out of poverty to rolling plan (reporter Wei Xing) September 22nd, reporters from the provincial twelve session of the twenty-eighth meeting of the Standing Committee was informed that the province before the date of establishment issued by the province’s three years of poverty and rolling plan, the province’s existing (end of 2015), 2 million main causes of poverty and poverty mainly poverty alleviation measures to make further analysis and study, to determine the "out of poverty through the development of industry of 940 thousand people, 540 thousand people out of poverty through the transfer of employment, by 350 thousand people out of poverty fallback protection, poverty alleviation through precise path to be relocated 170 thousand people out of poverty", and strive to achieve the 2018 all poor people out of poverty. Our province three years poverty rolling plan is: 2016 700 thousand people out of poverty, exit 500 poor villages, 2 poor counties hat; in 2017 700 thousand people out of poverty, exit 1000 poor villages, 6 poor counties hat; in 2018 600 thousand people out of poverty, exit 1400 poor villages, 17 poor counties hat. In accordance with the annual plan, layers of responsibility, layers of responsibility for tackling poverty. At present, the province has been completed on the city, the province of 25 poor counties, cities and counties, counties, townships and villages on the village to get rid of poverty. At the same time, in the province to establish a poverty alleviation assessment, accurate poverty exit, poverty alleviation funds allocation integration management "three mechanisms", a clear development of poverty alleviation and development accounted for the total weight of the comprehensive assessment of poverty county science 60% impoverished county Party chief principle in the poverty-stricken counties have to adjust positions before they not only to look at the number of poverty reduction;, also depends on the quality of the use of funds; give priority to poverty alleviation projects. To build a "safety net", the people’s livelihood reveal all the details of my province to take the lead in the introduction of implementation of effective convergence of rural minimum living security system and poverty alleviation policy in the country, a clear "13th Five-Year" period, according to the average annual growth rate of 14.4% to improve the rural minimum living standard. This year, the province’s rural minimum living standards for the first time over the same period the national poverty alleviation standards, 2018 will be higher than the national poverty alleviation standards 20%. In view of poverty caused by the more prominent problem, in our province the first to propose a province wide promotion of major diseases of commercial supplementary insurance. The new finance invested 500 million yuan of funds, fund all participatory poverty free participation, participatory poverty to buy major disease supplementary commercial insurance, financing standard of not less than 90 yuan per person per year, to build a new rural cooperative medical illness insurance, medical care, poor rural population of major diseases, supplementary commercial insurance, urban and rural medical assistance four new rural medical security defense cooperation.相关的主题文章: