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Jiangsu university teachers option incentive: bursts of 5 year 20 thousand – Sohu news September 7th, teachers of Jiangsu Polytechnic Institute in Nantong to receive the bonus option. Nantong Polytechnic Institute Party Committee Propaganda Department responsible person, after two years of deliberation, the school has been carried out in September 2015 the option incentive system, has just over a year, the first batch of bonus payment options. The school’s option awards for 50 years of age and below. Specifically, the doctor, associate professor, Professor, from the date of obtaining a degree or promotion, for 5 consecutive years to give $20 thousand per year option awards. At the same time, the teachers in teaching, research and other aspects of the performance to quantify, on the basis of the normal incentives to give incentives. The holder of the incentive coupons teachers at the age of 50 years of age, one full year of work for individuals to receive 10% of the options awarded, until the age of 60 years of full collar. As in under 50 years of age to leave post, the rewards will be automatically terminated; 50 years after leaving post, did not receive part to void. Popular terms, essence of the system that motivate the faculty members before the age of 50, through the efforts as much as possible to win tickets to 50 options, aged 60 to ten years, at 10% per year, corresponding to the amount of cash option bonds. If you are less than 50 years old to leave the school, before you get all the options canceled. This will allow staff turnover from becoming more cautious. For example, I am 40 years old, to get a total of $50 at the age of $100 thousand option coupons, then at the age of 50 to 60 years, I will get a year of $10%, which is $10 thousand in cash." The school Propaganda Department official told news reporters surging, the move is an additional incentive reward system of the normal school, the main purpose is to keep the 40 to 50 year old staff, change teachers "lean" reality. "For the more than and 40 year old teacher, school more attractive indeed, after all institutions of the old-age security system is complete, the school Propaganda Department official said, this point is difficult to keep people in school. As a result, the school thought professor and associate professor of long-term culture, it is easy to be lured to public schools. Stock option incentive, governance of private colleges and universities? According to the official website of the Nantong Polytechnic Institute, the school was founded in June 2000, jointly organized by the Jiangsu science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Jianghai and the Education Department of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Province under the development of Education Investment Center for full-time private universities.相关的主题文章: