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Jiang Jun in the "red flag" real war female image interpretation of West – Jiang Jun entertainment Sohu Sohu stills entertainment news recently Oriental TV broadcast the positive energy inspirational war drama "red flag manjuan West" attracted everyone’s attention, from the new point of view, the family, the brothers for the perspective during the turbulent years. In which Jiang Jun played sister Liang Jia Chunlan, docile a childhood sweetheart may not have troubled life, life will track happiness, meet the reform torrent, her fate change, causing the audience think decide on what path to follow. Liang Chunlan is different from other female characters play most of the war, or heroic battle the enemy, either by the hero Confidante with pity. This time the role of Liang Chunlan was summed up by the industry as follows: she inherited the reality of the show, representing a different from the past and most close to the history of the female image". First of all, although she was born in a rich family is well read, but by the end of the five virtues bound, the father at home from her husband married. So, when the elder finds her fiance when her childhood sweetheart is also identified. Secondly, in that childhood sweetheart hurt their brother, she chose to escape and love far away, the pursuit of their own bone marrow by feudal love. This is a typical female thought at that time, by the shackles of traditional ideas, while by the side of the pursuit of freedom of the power of attraction. After all, there is no choice Chunlan his true love has become the focus of attention of the audience. Jiang Jun said: "in fact, this role put her at that time, she became a contradiction of the complex, when she was in a dilemma, she chose to follow his own love, but to the contrary, it is not suitable for them, this is indeed worthy of our consideration". Good quality drama is the case, causing the audience to think, cause concern. By the Shaanxi investment group, SMG pictures, cohesion media CO produced, directed by Wang Fei, Fan Shengzhen, Zhang Su, Jiang Jun screenwriter, Lv Yi and many other powerful actors to join boutique drama since the launch of the ratings high, become the focus of attention of the audience, the strength of many actors to join the drama continued hot.   相关的主题文章: