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Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement: proud of as Chinese – Sohu Jackie Chan entertainment won the Oscar Award for lifetime achievement happy     Sohu entertainment news local time on November 12th, held by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences 2016 Oscar Award for lifetime achievement awards ceremony, Jackie Chan appeared wearing a black robe, have worked from the "rush hour" the good partner Chris Tucker took the Oscar Oscar and his acceptance speech, he is also the first to receive the award of the chinese. Brother Jackie Chan Oscar Award for Lifetime Achievement Award in Taiwan on the podium, Jackie Chan very mixed feelings, but also did not forget to thank the support of his friends and fans: "this is a dream. I’ve been working in the film industry for 56 years, made more than 200 films, broke a lot of bones, and finally this award is mine." "Thanks to Hollywood. You taught me a lot of things over the years, and made me a little famous filmmaker…… Friends and fans around the world, it is you give me the reason to continue making films, because of you, I will continue to jump out of the window, cuff and kick, injured in the sinews or bones." Jackie Chan also said that 23 years ago he was in Stallone’s home for the first time felt the Oscar trophy, when he told himself, after get a Oscar prize (at the time): "I felt, kissed, smelt, I feel the trophy now and my fingerprints. I told myself I really wanted a Oscar trophy." Jackie Chan thanked the city of Hongkong, but also thanked his motherland, China, said publicly that he is proud of being chinese." Jackie Chan won the Oscar prize for lifetime achievement in happy Oscar Award for lifetime achievement award ceremony, Jackie Chan released the award-winning speech. In his speech, Jackie Chan felt the dream has finally come true, he said the battles came to Hollywood, his friend Sylvester Stallone admits envy can have Oscar, and said: "I took him home Oscar and kissing and touch, really want to get one. I spent 56 years in the film industry, produced more than 200 films, a lot of broken bones, and finally the Oscar belongs to me, thank you to the Hollywood, in those years you taught me a lot of things, let me also have small reputation." Finally, Jackie Chan thanked the fans all over the world, is the support of the fans gave him a reason to continue filming, jump out of the window, continue to cuff and kick broken bones.   相关的主题文章: