Italy earthquake killed at least 73 people were injured in the hospital for treatment pretty rhythm

The Italy earthquake killed at least 73 people were treated in Italy after the earthquake damaged houses amatrice scene in front of the hospital. A strong earthquake occurred, the Xinhua News Agency JINGWAH times cartography Yang Jianing in central Italy on the morning of 24 serious disaster, has killed 73 people were killed. Because many people are still trapped in the rubble, the number of victims or will continue to rise. – the destruction of three large area serious according to the U.S. Geological Survey earthquake information network news, the earthquake occurred at 3:36 local time (Beijing time 9:36), near the epicenter is located in the Umbria town of noel exactly, the focal depth of only 10 kilometers, magnitude 6.2; Italy area determination for 6; the European Center for earthquake research for the determination of the Mediterranean 6.1. The earthquake to Umbria, Lazio and Marche three large area damage, including Lazio city and accumoli amath in cutting Marche City, Pescara del Tronto town the most serious disaster. Italy TV reported in Pescara del Tronto Town, an elderly couple was crushed by the collapse of housing. The adjacent accumoli residents were killed, and a family of four were buried in the rubble, missing. From the capital of epicenter more than and 100 kilometers of Rome felt obvious, many residents were awakened in his sleep. Currently, rescue workers have been carrying rescue equipment into the main affected areas, together with the local people to carry out rescue operations. Amath in cutting mayor Searl Jiao · Perot Sarkozy said, the city traffic and power supply has been interrupted, there are still people buried under the rubble, the local part of landslide, the bridge is in danger of collapse. The local hospital has been unable to operate normally, many of the injured can only be treated on the road in front of the hospital, the injured were transferred to other areas of the hospital for treatment. The scene – "half the village are not" amatrice is a beautiful mountain city, is about pasta seasoning amatriciana domestic popular "home", is a summer resort, when the earthquake occurred, there are a lot of tourists. Mayor Searl coke · introduction, the earthquake caused a large area of destruction, half of the village is gone, there are people buried under the ruins of the following…… (earthquake triggered a mudslide), a bridge may collapse". Local resident Lena · Mel Cantini said: "felt too strong. The bed feels like we’re walking around the room." Another resident, Olga, ·, said: "it’s really scary," said Urbani. (I heard) wall rattling all the books fell from the shelf." A woman sitting in front of the destroyed house, too sad to tell her name. "It was one of the most beautiful towns in Italy," she said. "Now there’s nothing left. I don’t know what we’re going to do in the future." Local television footage showed that the disaster area of rubble, many buildings were razed to the ground, local residents and just arrived at the scene of the rescue workers to find survivors in the rubble. Reporter interrupted > > Consulate General of our citizens have not yet received reports of casualties yesterday, JINGWAH Times reporter contacted the Consulate General of Chinese staff in Florence, said the other side of the network相关的主题文章: