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It was 120 thousand years into the tax and there is no way to teach you some ways less tax – Sohu financial two days on the "high income", "120 thousand" the topic of heat up, everything is because the tax is not only because of tax. The reason why people 120 thousand yuan is more sensitive, the key is due to the lack of middle income, high income standards clearly defined, and that a large number of dead with high wages, carrying a car loan mortgage, under the old and small "we" worry about accidentally "high income". Part of the high income tax not even a tax in May the Academy of Social Sciences published "economic blue book" 2016 spring: Chinese economic outlook analysis pointed out that the taxpayer according to the tax amount in rank will be found, whether it is personal income or total personal income tax high, people are not people with high income, the actual payment many high-income taxpayers tax is very low, most high-income taxpayers don’t even pay any personal income tax. For example, most of China’s high-income earners are not paid in the form of income groups, such as private property owners can only receive a little token of remuneration, or even not pay. The system design of the income tax is invalid for this population. Especially in the stock market and the real estate market is extremely unpopular these years, high earners and high-income people increasingly deviated. At present, the individual income tax can not adjust the income gap, but reduced to a payroll tax, only a small part of the burden on working workers. You said, we can not worry! About being "tax" have no urgency or self-help. Xiaobian think, "120 thousand" the line is true or false or what time to reform it, everyone is looking good and moderate, on tax cuts, or to talk about how the tax avoidance is better. Tax avoidance is not tax evasion, huadianxinsi can legally pay less tax Why not?? There are several ways, we can refer to. If you, a high income, many sources, you can set up a company, don’t think hard, now is a very simple thing, do not need to plant, office or staff, you only need to prepare some legal documents to the government the case on the line. Opened the company, the personal income to operating income, in addition to tax incentives in particular, the biggest tax secret is: ordinary people is to earn money to pay taxes, and then rely on the rest of the money; and the business is to earn money, to spend money, and finally to spend the rest of the money to pay taxes. So, you open a company, you can spend money, borrow the meeting on behalf of a holiday, by the name of customer contact, through idle away in seeking pleasure on behalf of the company’s development needs to buy a car… As long as you can think of, legitimate, can be. Two, can use salary + invoices for reimbursement of tax avoidance many companies will develop staff travel accommodation, catering and transportation consumption standards, and require employees to travel after the end with invoices for reimbursement. This is not to let out your credentials, prevent people took the opportunity to take liberties, more importantly, it can avoid double taxation — you have to pay a tax in the restaurant, if direct cash back,"相关的主题文章: