Investment express] it orange November 07, including the acquisition of investment from the event of segotep

Investment express] IT orange November 07, including the acquisition of investment from the event of 31 – Sohu science and technology content of this article comes from IT orange daily risk investment courier public account. More visible IT orange master investment data content of the plate, the global Internet industry investment and financing mergers and acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions. – domestic events – 1 Qin holiday tour received 12 million yuan A round of investment into travel holiday is a focus on outbound startups in the high-end tourist routes, senior private customized products and services supporting the latter’s tourism brand, including "Qin travel holiday" and "in · island". 12 million yuan investment company before the date of Shanghai Xin Qiu investment, financing and valuation of billions of dollars. 2 you worship the bike received 150 million yuan A round of investment is one of the main advantages of worship bicycle bicycle sharing concept of start-ups, is committed to connecting the government resources quantity is huge, the market response is not positive, not making full use of the parking in the pile, the scan code to unlock and make improvements, and to worship the brand into the market increase the number of their own advantages. To complete the A round of financing 150 million yuan announced that the company before a village capital lead investor, investment black hole with the cast, angel round of investment capital, fund, road light orange fire accelerator to recover investment. 3 AI robots for 12 million yuan Angel round of financing large AI robot is a robotic company focused on providing medical robot enterprises to complete the integration of rehabilitation robot software and hardware product development, production, sales and services, products include the exoskeleton robot, a weight loss rehabilitation robot etc.. Recently, the big AI robot was 12 million yuan Angel round of financing, investors for the capital of science and technology development group. 4 people network Pre-A round of financing Beijing people network is an online recruitment service provider, is committed to the big data + artificial intelligence to solve the difficulties of post matching for white-collar recruitment services. Recently, the people’s network was Pre-A round of financing, the investment side of the river venture. 5 a parent was an angel round of financing for a child is a parent education for 0-3 years consulting and service customization platform. Through the integration of expert and Master institutions, parent-child parent-child parent-child industry resources, providing sensory and mental health, rehabilitation medicine, attention to cultivate the healthy growth of children’s education content, at the same time according to user needs, develop personalized education program. Zhejiang Mdt InfoTech Ltd. Recently, a child was an angel round of financing. 6 3D in the future by the angel round of financing 3D future is a company dedicated to 3D printing technology used in the field of artistic creation of the science and technology company, is also dedicated to the art of the popularization of e-commerce company, creative 3D printing a large number of works of art, jewelry, accessories, such as the Home Furnishing mall. Recently, 3D Angel round of financing in the future, by the cloud venture capital, Mizuki Kiyoka alumni fund, Thai investment. 7 Kai Fu entertainment was the seed round of financing Fu Fu entertainment is a focus on the field of new technology AR AI Entertainment相关的主题文章: