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Insurance frequently placards listed companies behind the truth according to media reports, has been in the whirlpool and a year of Vanke, in the capital after the intervention, the management of the company faces struggles distress, the tyrannical abacus and their plan is not as helpless. Vanke equity event is still in the teeth of the storm undigested speculation, Wang Shi, Yu Liang as the absence of interim results, the company’s new land project blocked, employee turnover rate increased and the customer confidence damaged…… Scarred Vanke caught in the whirlpool, a wave of a wave after another. (August 22nd, "First Financial Daily") why did not favor the capital of the real economy to help Vanke, but it will be involved in trouble? In addition to the defects of Vanke’s equity itself structure, to support the insurance industry, took the lead of treasure, is undoubtedly the biggest factor in the current situation. The logic of action, cannot do without profit characteristics and characteristics of venture capital intrinsic trader. In fact, since the second half of last year to treasure placards Vanke since the venture capital frequently "in the A stock market placards" phenomenon has caused widespread concern. Although the Commission repeatedly flashed "yellow card" to curb venture capital placards impulse, but in the capital driven by profit in the venture capital, is expected in the second half will continue into the real estate, bank, commerce and industry Blue-chip company. At the same time, a lot of money did not enter the real economy, has caused concern at the national level. National Development and Reform Commission recently said that there are a lot of social funds turned to buy some of the strong financial attributes. In fact, it is precisely the liquidity easing and economic downturn or recession at the same time, the adjustment of monetary policy and economic policy has brought difficulties. "Liquidity trap" is actually a trap of monetary policy. Capital flows to financial assets, and thus make it difficult to achieve the desired effect of loose monetary policy. In the real economy from the real to virtual in the process, what role does venture capital play? The frequently placards on the real economy is a blessing or a curse? There is no doubt that in the market of the two placards is the use of risk capital market behavior, to inject fresh blood into the A stock market, boost confidence. But never let things drift, should strengthen supervision, to curb its short-term debt long-term investment impulse, venture capital radical placards sounded the alarm, so as not to deviate from the capital market to serve the real economy in mind. The real economy is the basis of the virtual economy, once the stock price deviates from the value of the enterprise will form a bubble, the bubble is always too big to burst. Excessive speculation in the capital market, a large number of bubbles resulting therefrom. Market gradually off the real to virtual, there will be a bubble burst, redistribution of wealth and other issues. Judging from the current market situation, despite the substantial return of the entire valuation level, but the real to virtual phenomenon has not fundamentally eliminated. Large insurance funds, not insurance, but investment. It is a function of the protection of the product, turned out to be a venture capital, into the stock market to fry stocks, and even back to do other people’s leverage matching funds. Some experts say, like this insurance funds, the more the market, the greater the risk". Aiming at the risk of venture capital placards exist, the CIRC also issued the "norms on the short duration of personal insurance products related to the notice", set the red, tighten the venture capital".相关的主题文章: