In the spring and summer of 2017 was far away. Fengfei work conference in Beijing held Gongwangfu douke

In the spring and summer of 2017 was far away. Fengfei work conference in Beijing Gongwangfu held the evening of October 29, 2016, a theme of "far – near" the clothing conference known as "the history of the Qing Dynasty held half bearing" Gongwangfu in Beijing. The show is also a new China Pioneer had Fengfei following the June 2015 Milan fashion week debut, released during the Chinese international fashion week its namesake brand "ZENGFENGFEI" 2017 spring and summer season works. History is very far, very close to the international culture is very far, very close to you and me very far, but also very close…… In recent years, Ceng Fengfei in-depth study of Chinese clothing culture, and wandering around the world, constantly thinking about how the Chinese dress totem and traditional technology into the international fashion trend. "Far" series of works. In some elements from traditional opera Chinese, designer Ceng Fengfei to a keen eye on the essence of drama, and with a heart of freedom and vivid expression. He uses his own unique perspective to bring the "far" art elements to our "very near" life. Using traditional Chinese totem to collide with modern folds. He will Chinese traditional culture auspicious blessing, butterfly flower, eight auspicious clouds flying crane, sea cliff Jiang with good moral totem after re refining, re creation, design a rich connotation of culture and China with international trend pattern. In the color, abandon the opera costume designer Ceng Fengfei Nongyan, replaced by a fresh pale white, pale purple, light blue is more suitable for daily dress elegant tone. In the process, printing and dyeing fabric patterns with fold in model walking is very elegant, partly hidden and partly visible, and China unique silk embroidery in patterns is exquisite and full of luster and a sense of hierarchy. This season, the biggest highlight is the use of "water" elements of the opera. "Far. Design of silk fabric sleeves with gorgeous soft stiff collision near" series of costumes, then stacked and varied collocation show various cultural fusion of extreme beauty. He always delving into how to use has the connotation of fashion China of traditional costume culture, he thinks history very far, but also in the eyes; ethnic roots, can we really go. Ceng Fengfei will this season conference address selection of extremely rich historical and cultural information in the Gongwangfu, is hoping to borrow Gongwangfu historical sense to bring people not the same as "far and a new season clothing series in time span." thinking and visual contrast in collision.相关的主题文章: