In the history of the most serious DDoS attacks this morning more than half of the u.s. 3u8547

In the history of the most serious DDoS attacks: this morning more than half of the United States off the network as people rely on the Internet to enhance, it is difficult to imagine how to live without the network. This morning, more than half of the United States suffered a collective user off the network event, so many people into chaos. The United States suffered a collective "disconnection" according to foreign media reports, the United States popular website earlier today have been unable to access the situation, based on user feedback, including Twitter, Spotify, Netflix, Github, Airbnb, Visa, CNN, the Wall Street journal and other hundreds of websites are not accessible, login. It can be concluded that the broken network event is due to the United States, the most important DNS service provider Dyn suffered a massive DDoS attacks caused. The media described the incident as the history of the most serious DDoS attack, not only the size of the amazing, but also a serious impact on people’s lives. As the main responsibility of Dyn is to resolve the domain name for the IP address, so as to accurately jump to the site users want to visit. So when it is attacked, it means that the user’s Web access request from the user can not receive the correct analysis, resulting in access error. Dyn said that although it is still tracing the source of the attack, but it is certain that this is an organized and premeditated cyber attacks, attacks from more than ten million IP sources. In addition, Dyn also said the attacker took advantage of a large number of Internet devices to implement the attack. The massive cyber attack has even attracted the attention of the U.S. Department of homeland security, the Department spokesman Todd Breasseal said it is possible to launch a variety of potential reasons for the investigation". DDoS attacks, also known as denial of service attacks, the attack is quite simple and crude, by stacking a large number of garbage data, making the user’s normal login is blocked".相关的主题文章: