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Data-Recovery Sigma SD14 is a digital SLR (Single-Lens Reflex) camera that captures high definition images using a 14 mega pixel digital image sensor. The light-weight camera features a 2.5 in. LCD monitor, focal plane shutter, built-in flash mechanism, and memory card slot .patible with CF (.pact Flash) memory card. While a CF memory card is a safe medium for saving different file types, the probability of the card getting corrupted still persists. Two main problems caused by CF card damage are inaccessibility of old files and inability to store new files. To over.e the first problem, the user needs to restore data from an updated backup. To resolve the second issue, the photographer needs to format the card. However, recovery of lost photos post formatting the CF memory card is possible using an advanced third-party Photo Recovery application. To explain the above case, view the below error message that appears on your Sigma SD 14 camera after the CF card gets corrupted: In.patible File System. Format Card After the above error message pops up, the data saved in the CF memory card inaccessible. Few main reasons behind the corruption of CF memory card are unexpected camera shutdown (due to empty battery), fatal virus infection, and file system damage. As suggested in the error message, you need to format the CF memory card in the Sigma SD14 camera. Formatting should only be performed on the camera and not on the .puter. While the solution mentioned in the error message is 100% accurate, it also has a disadvantage of deleting all the files saved in the CF memory card. For recovering the formatted files, you need to search for an effective Digital Photo Recovery Software. A Photo Recovery tool is a powerful application that recoups data from a CF memory card even after formatting. The self-explanatory tool requires no technical knowledge to perform recovery. Whats more, the tool is totally non-destructive. Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery is trusted by all the photographers. The Digital Photo Recovery Software recovers data from any formatted, corrupted, and damaged memory card. In addition, the tool allows you to restore the recovered audio, video, and photos at requisite location. With recovery of almost all file types, the software has two versions supporting recovery on both Mac OS X and Windows OS. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: