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In order to let Siri and their own AI better, Apple has done what? Sohu, science and technology [Technews] science news while Siri usually use some irritating, but apple for this communication with users is extremely deep, is also the home of the AI core services, or to make many changes in the product to convey the lead time to the user much amazing feeling, first do a lot of bottom change. Today’s Siri and iPhone on the Siri is completely different, in fact, the essence of Siri at the beginning of Apple’s acquisition, it has continued to change in the. Siri was originally a App nature of the AI, in Android, iOS and even BlackBerry are common, but in the apple in 2011 after the acquisition, the software will depth into the mechanism of Machine Learning, and the original version only depends on the calculation rules of some considerable differences. AI and Machine Learning are not exactly the same. Specifically, the latter is a subset of the former, used to absorb new information, you can enhance and integrate into the AI task processing capabilities. Therefore, every term Siri, or iOS keyboard input will not understand or "understanding" of the user, but the mechanism of Maching Learning, when the user tried once or more times, the AI system can quickly reflect the actual users want to express the sentence. Although not everyone can detect this progress, but at least on the underlying program code, Apple’s AI in the ability to understand natural speech, is indeed better than 5 years ago. Foreign media Mashable editor had previously linked with apple, talked about Apple’s AI has always been considered to be lagging behind the strength of the opponent, it is also a matter of course to talk about the status of Siri and AI in the apple ecosystem. Apple’s answer unexpectedly. They believe that AI in Apple’s ecosystem will be ubiquitous, and Siri, Apple will only be part of the AI layout. In fact, so far, iOS AI has been applied to the following scene: Although zhating is not difficult, but this means that AI must be able to accurately understand the intentions of some users, such as the program is opening now commonly used or not used, the contact method or the palm of the user is used, or careless of special case. Despite these AI features, like face recognition album may not satisfy everyone, but Apple apparently have done well, such as management of standby battery life of iOS devices, you can hand to enhance the user experience, the one hand to help the large battery under the apple. Apple has also admitted that a lack of Siri: persistent normal conversation, as the user can say, remind me to go out with a bag, after the Siri response, it can continue to understand the user followed:相关的主题文章: