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In Jeju Island, South Korea, Nanjing, the fight against the presence of illegal travel agencies recently, a Chinese tourists in South Korea and the physical conflict occurred in the network, the news spread on the network, causing social concern. Earlier, media reports said, someone’s visitors are free to travel from Nanjing guests, due to the problem with their own wine and restaurant owner conflict. Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Commission issued an investigation report on the incident. Informed that 8 tourists are not free to travel in Nanjing, but by the Nanjing China Travel Service Organization of the semi independent travel team to Jeju Island. In addition, there are irregularities in the travel agency, after the mission did not appoint a leader in accordance with the provisions of the list did not make outbound travel, the team did not report the National Tourism team information system. Review by BYO, Nanjing eight tourists and businessmen conflict according to media reports, Chinese Consulate General in Jeju 13, said South Korean Consulate General of police information bulletin said the incident is the 9 local time, about 22:30, 8 Nanjing tourists in Jeju Island China dispute with local businesses, leading to clashes. Business owners are from North Korea, more than and 60 years old, is now hospitalized for cerebral hemorrhage. Both sides are Chinese citizens, the initial investigation of the incident because the bring their own drinks". South Korean police on the same day will be involved in 8 Nanjing tourists away for investigation, of which 3 were not detained investigation, was released on the 12 day. Chinese Consulate General in Jeju has said that 12 am, was put to the museum to help the people of the past, when the embassy suggested that the two sides reconciliation, and the introduction of the relevant lawyers, in case of reconciliation can not go on the judicial proceedings of the 3. The National Tourism Administration attaches great importance to the progress of investigation and instructed "China tourists in Korea Jeju Island merchants with physical conflict" after the incident, the National Tourism Administration attaches great importance to the first time in the Seoul tourism office responsible person rushed to the site of the incident, to understand the situation, actively carry out the work, and instructed the local tourism department launched a travel agency investigation of the incident. National Tourism Administration Office in Seoul after the incident with the Consulate General in Jeju, Jeju Road, international tourism courses to get in touch, understand the event and the progress of the current treatment. In the National Tourism Administration International Secretary of the incident in the briefing, but also specifically referred to the National Tourism Administration on Tourism uncivilized behavior records management Interim measures. The "measures" provisions, Chinese tourists in tourism at home and abroad in the process of domestic and foreign laws and regulations, for violation of public order and good customs, causing serious adverse effects of social behavior, will be incorporated into the "tourism uncivilized behavior record". At the same time, the National Tourism Administration said it would closely track the progress of the event, will be in accordance with the provisions of the people involved in the processing of tourists. Modern Express reporter learned that, from the National Tourism Administration to develop tourist blacklist system, has been included in 20 tourists, including a Jiangsu tourists. Nanjing Tourism Commission: someone’s travel agencies exist irregularities Modern Express reporter learned that after the incident by the media exposure, Nanjing Tourism Department has immediately launched an investigation on the matter. Yesterday, the Nanjing Municipal Tourism Committee released informed that, after investigation, involved 8 tourists network transmission is not free, but from the city of Nanjing China Travel Agency Limited company organization of Jeju Island "half self-help" team member.相关的主题文章: