In depth analysis, and not to the pros and cons of maternal child – Sohu

In depth analysis, the advantages and disadvantages of the Sohu and not to child mother from two-child policy research to implement, has always been a hot topic among people, every day no matter what the place to hear one or two sentences about two words; some mothers, whether older mothers, or mothers, are thought to have a second child; and some people, simply by reality social oppression to dare to want a second child. To tell the truth, engaged in childcare so long, well aware of a family with two children is the most appropriate. Studies have shown that children with siblings are faster and better than those who have only one child at home. The children are brothers and sisters, they encountered what things in life is the first to discuss, with brothers and sisters to know the child’s thinking is very open, if it is encountered solve things, they will turn to their parents for help; and the home is the only child of the child, due to a child how little Chongni, when they meet what difficulty, it would be hard to think for themselves, but will actively help parents. In contrast, the children themselves to solve the problem than to help their parents make them remember prison, do well. So, the family has two children on the child’s growth and development plays a qualitative role. Then again, to the child’s life is to be responsible for the child, can not only hold the child to eat and wear a warm attitude to treat children. Some people say that our children do not have my tube, consciously. So I would like to ask, the child’s consciousness is innate? It’s time to work on education. The rapid discovery of society, prices have soared, making some of the family you want a second child, but dare not to. Indeed, I do not have to say, I believe we all understand that a child needs to pay the effort is how much. So, to say a controversial word, if the child can not bear the responsibility, then do not give him life. If not really so much, just want Dick, also need to pay attention to a problem: small cattle brother has three and a half weeks, watching the people around to have a second child in the discussion, I also got to second thought, but when I to the small cattle brother gave him a brother or sister when his fierce reaction shocked me. No doubt, want the second, we must first fix the boss at home, and fix boss is a difficult thing to do. If you start to child, so often to the boss instilled with siblings benefits, slowly, in the child’s thinking consciousness, a brother and sister not to grab my mom and Dad, but also to accompany me to play together, doing things together. After all, the child does not want to brother and sister, deep inside the fear is that the father and mother gave all the love to his brother and sister, and do not love their own.相关的主题文章: