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In an interview with the square: write novels before love poetry and literature is my benefactor – Beijing square in the new "soft" buried Premiere site. People’s Literature Publishing House for map. Beijing Beijing, August 26, (Shangguan Yun) "I love to write more space in terms of the novella." Recently, the famous writer Fang Fang accepted the new network (WeChat public number: cns2012) reporter mail interview. She said that now is the most busy writing things, there are several themes on the hand, almost all in the ‘data preparation’, specifically what to write, did not want to good". Fang Fang, whose real name is Wang Fang, born in Nanjing, grew up in Wuhan. Currently the president of Hubei Writers Association, President and chief editor of Changjiang literature and art magazine. In 1987, Fang Fang’s novella "landscape" after the publication caused great repercussions, and thus become China "new realism" sent one of the representative writers, many works have been translated into English, French and Korean text in foreign publishing, won the China women literature award, Hubei Qu Yuan literature award, the Lu Xun Prize for literature etc. awards. "Soft" is a novel buried square recently completed, set up a vertical and a horizontal two clues, described by the "land reform" to change the fate of the woman of Ding Zitao’s experience, and his son Wu Qinglin to untie a knot and explore the past after mother. "Soft" embedded stereo. People’s Literature Publishing House for map. Read this book, readers will feel that the plot set up into a maze. Fang Fang said, he did not deliberately suspense, just want to write the story interesting point, "Ding Zitao is an amnesiac woman, she wrote the process will find the memory of flashback, is a natural thing". From Zhang Wei’s "independent pharmacist", to Wang Anyi’s "anonymous" and so on, most writers and works are concerned about social reality or historical events, not only the "soft" so. However, Fang Fang did not intend to make a judgment on a social event in the book, "I am the author of this novel as a record holder. So I give the reader the right to judge". In order to know more about the history of the work as much as possible, Fang Fang will go to the site to visit. She said, so get the feeling is completely different, this is to look at the artifacts and pictures to go to the museum to see the kind of feeling is the same, there will be something inside to get through. Something, sometimes may be gas filled with said, like a mystery, but the mystery is there". Square in salzburg. Square for drawing. Compared with other writers, Fang Fang’s writing road is a legend". In 1974, the party after graduating from high school when the stevedores, working is four years. At that time, she was just writing poetry, and this habit, from junior high school began. "I started writing poetry from the junior high school in grade two. I was a famous poet in the school and class. Of course, the level of writing poetry was low. Because of poetry, I was a bit of a celebrity at school. The headmaster will sometimes read my poems at the school meeting. I am a writer, my primary and secondary school students will not be surprised." Fang Fang recalls. 1978, Fang Fang admitted to the Chinese Department of Wuhan University. Before she was in college.相关的主题文章: