In 1 hours of flood rescue workers digging out all the

In 1 hours of flood rescue workers digging out young end rolling flood, danger has occurred. The evening of September 28th at 18:18 by Typhoon Megi, Hangzhou heavy rains in Ling’an, the water level rose rapidly, Sun Zhen a flood of workers were digging siege, the situation is extremely critical. Received a public warning after the potential fire squadron members rushed to the scene, the water crisis rescue. At 18:37 PM, firefighters arrived at the scene, in front of the scene so that people worry: flood downstream, floating down from the upper branches and debris was instantly flooded, if people were rushed into the waves, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate. After the team members understand the situation, the rapid investigation of the site topography, looking for rescue positions. After a comparison of the investigation, the players quickly determine the point of rescue, due to the flood is very urgent, terrain and environmental constraints, the rescue team decided to use the rope to build the air on the health channel to rescue trapped people. 2 of the water quality of the rescue team was tied on the belt and safety rope, through the protection of the rear rescue personnel rope slowly close to the trapped personnel, a little carelessness will be washed away. After the tacit understanding of the team, in the rain for 1 hours of rescue finally successfully trapped people transferred to the security zone. It is understood that the trapped workers digging machine is a young, want to see the weather the rain machine transferred to a safe area, the car carrying the man trapped in the flood.相关的主题文章: