Illegal traffic payment system unstable man did not pay 4 times (video)

The illegal traffic of the remote payment system unstable man run 4 times did not pay into yesterday, who lives in Wuchang fujiapo Mr. Chen to reflect, he places handling vehicle violation fines, ran 4 times the bank, but have not been able to handle success. Chen introduced in February this year, his car in Xiaogan, there is a violation, you need to pay a fine of 100 yuan. Because the vehicle is limited, he is located in Jingan Road on the 21 of this month to the Agricultural Bank, ready to pay the fine, that the Public Security Traffic Management Bureau of Hubei Province on the illegal traffic remote payment system upgrades, is expected to be 22 days to finish the evening. 23 am, he once again came to the bank, saw the owners to pay a fine line of growth, the result is not connected to the middle of the system. For the weekend two days can not handle the business, the day before Monday, Mr. Chen came to the bank, there is the same problem. More than two o’clock yesterday afternoon, Mr. Chen came to the site fourth times, waiting to see the owner of the business is still waiting for the queue, he went directly. Bank staff said, when the system is good or bad after the upgrade, queuing and more people can only wait patiently. Chutian Metropolis Daily reporter contacted the Provincial Public Security Traffic Management Bureau, responsible person, the bureau is according to the uniform requirements for the system upgrade, in addition to Wuhan, and other cities did not reflect the system problems. At present, there are few outlets in the city of Wuhan system is not stable, will gradually stabilize. In addition, the owners can also be easily handled by self-service station payment business. (full of reporters Li Hui) Anhui province 6 pilot provinces remote pay traffic violation fines相关的主题文章: