Hunan senior students borrow 18 students identity information borrowed 500 thousand lost contact autobots

Hunan senior 18 students to borrow the identity of the students to borrow the information lost to the elite school loans home page 500 thousand new loans. Network screenshot Wang Ming (a pseudonym) to provide excellent staging loan details show that in September more than expected. Reporters log on a platform to try to borrow, found that the platform audit process is relatively simple. Fang Feiyang (a pseudonym) lost contact. The professional sports in Hunan a college senior, from October last year or so, through personal identity information with 18 classmates, to "Dream Fund" and "campus loans" and other names, in the famous Jingdong loans, school loans, money IOUs, speed 12 meters P2P lending platform, total borrowing the principal and the cost of about 500000 yuan. Some students said the party at the beginning of October to work Changsha flying. Before walking, he also put the money number, in which platform lending, one hit IOUs, and write down the book, all the principal, fees and fines are borne by me. "I heard about gambling games on the internet." Flying Party’s father said he has been in the school for children under school procedures for. The lawyer said, campus loan chaos has existed for a long time, the lack of specific regulatory measures, and college students’ awareness of risk prevention and the bearing capacity is low, the phenomenon should be paid attention to. My identity information is to borrowers with professional flying classmate Li Kuan (a pseudonym) revealed that the square flying in early November last year to find their own money, to buy a computer. For the first time through the excellent staging platform borrowed 4000 yuan, and then in the absence of knowledge, but also with the same identity information, in the stage of music borrowed $2200. In May this year, he once again in his own name, in the elite school loans about 9000 yuan. "You need to pay back the money to the date, after receiving the message, only to find their identity information is used to borrow." Li Kuan memories, Fang Fei began to borrow money also, so I do not continue to borrow. And he did not know the time, it may be because the personal information had been told him, the other party directly with the. Fang Fang’s friend Wang Ming (a pseudonym) said that since last October, he has lent him more than 46000 yuan, involving lending platform up to 12. Flying for the party also loans more than the two. The reporter found to be him for a loan group, from October last year, he borrowed 18 students identity information, login, IOUs, elite credit Jingdong cash, loans and other P2P bus speed, lending platform, a total of more than 50 yuan loan principal and interest. Which more than eighty thousand or ninety thousand, less than the number of more than ten thousand yuan. Some students said that, for the most part, does allow me to allow, but there are borrowing information displayed on the individual lending platform, is informed afterwards. Li Kuan produced the bill shows that the amount of repayment on the elite school loans 12000 yuan, paid off in 24 months. "The 2400 yuan deposit fee, if overdue money, this money is not holding back". He explained that, on average, more than 100 yuan a month interest. Before is the party responsible for flying money, September should be 618.80 yuan, by the late 53 minutes, also is more than buckle two. "The house is powerless for him相关的主题文章: