Hubei issued consumer tips National Day holiday approaching beware of consumer traps-roxane hayward

Hubei issued consumer tips: National Day holidays of consumer trap "eleven" golden week is approaching, during the holiday travel, shopping, dining and other activities of the party will be greatly increased, in order to let consumers during the holiday fun, buy a comfortable, eat at ease, avoid not clear in the process of consumption consumption, today, Hubei the Consumer Council issued eighth consumer tips to remind consumers this year, during the holiday consumption National Day resist temptation, rational consumption. Pay attention to the following matters: the need to pay attention to, travel consumers during the holiday travel time: 1. to travel with the group: one is to check the relevant business qualifications and permits selection of high-quality travel agency is complete; the two is rational in the face of cheap tours; the three is the signing of the tourism contract carefully read the terms of the contract at the same time, the two sides clear liability and liability for breach of contract, the contract must be recorded in the contract. 2. self driving travel: one is to fully check the condition before departure; two is to advance the planned travel route; three is to pay attention to the weather along the way in advance, ready to dry clothes, umbrellas, and other items; the four is to pay attention to in advance a good hotel accommodation, to prevent holidays many people difficult to book a hotel. Two, shopping during the National Day is the peak season of consumption, the supermarkets have launched every kind of promotional activities to attract consumers, or discount or coupon, full of tricks, to stimulate the consumer’s shopping enthusiasm to a great extent, to avoid the trap of consumption, consumers in the purchase of goods should pay attention to the following five points: one is to pay attention to the goods the price, to prevent price vacuity, or drop out of the dark; the two is to pay attention to meet the fanquan activities to fully understand the rules, to avoid being "secure"; the three is to pay attention to the terms of the king, have the courage to say "no"; the four is to pay attention to rational consumption, avoid the herd blindly purchase is five; but beware of not clear consumption, not cheap, not pie in the sky. During three, health food festival, consumers eating out should pay attention to three points: one is to see whether there is a place to eat health permit, business license, health certificate and other legal practitioners qualification; two is the initial "new, extraordinary and special food"; three is the network through consumer evaluation of dining place the full understanding of the relevant information, dishes and services and consumption levels, select their favorite restaurant. Consumers should properly keep all kinds of consumer vouchers during the holiday season, and should promptly call 12315 to the industrial and commercial departments or consumer organizations to complain, and timely safeguard their legitimate rights and interests.

湖北发布消费提示:国庆假期来临 谨防消费陷阱“十一”黄金周将至,长假期间旅游出行、消费购物、聚会就餐等活动将会大幅增加,为了让消费者在节日期间玩的开心、买的舒心、吃的放心,避免在消费过程中不明不白的消费,今日,湖北省消费者委员会发出今年第8好消费提示,提醒广大消费者在国庆节长假期间抵制消费诱惑,理性消费。注意以下事项:一、旅游出行消费者在节日期间出行时需要注意:1.跟团出游时:一是选择优质旅行社时要查看其经营资格和相关许可证件是否齐全;二是理性面对低价旅游团;三是签订旅游合同时仔细阅读合同条款,明确双方的责任和义务以及违约责任,各项约定都要记录在合同中。2.自驾出游时:一是出发前要全面检查车况;二是要提前规划好出行路线;三是要提前关注沿途天气状况,准备好雨具、衣物、干粮等物品;四是要注意提前预定好住宿酒店,以防节假日人多酒店难订。二、消费购物国庆期间是消费旺季,各大卖场纷纷推出各式各样的促销活动吸引消费者,或打折扣或搞返券,花样百出,在很大程度上激发消费者的购物热情,为避免消费陷阱,消费者在选购商品时要注意以下五点:一是要注意商品的价格,防止实价虚标,或者明降暗升;二是要注意碰到“返券”活动时要全面了解活动规则,避免被“套牢”;三是要注意霸王条款,要勇于说“不”;四是要注意理性消费,切忌从众盲目购买;五是要注意提防不明不白的消费,切勿贪小便宜,天上不会掉馅饼。三、饮食卫生节日期间,消费者在外就餐时要注意三点:一是要注意查看就餐地点是否有有卫生许可证、营业执照、从业人员健康证明等合法资质;二是慎食“新、奇、特”食品;三是可以通过网络查询就餐地点的消费者评价,全面了解菜品、服务、消费水平等相关信息,选择自己满意的餐厅就餐。消费者在节日期间购买商品、服务等,应妥善保存好各类消费凭证,在遇到自身权益受到侵害时,应及时拨打12315向工商部门或消费者组织投诉,及时维护自己合法权益。相关的主题文章: