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Huang Jianxiang: the Orangemen earn bonus charter Korea no brain black no reason [] planning at waizhao "master" hanguoguo foot to be alert to speak with their feet Tencent sports in August 31st 12 strong Asian Games in the war will be started tomorrow, the famous sports commentator Huang Jianxiang, also in the enterprises and broadcast the game relatively bright goose comment. Huang Jianxiang talked about the country to get a high standard of reasonable treatment, saying that those accused of attacking the country’s remarks enough. Huang Jianxiang unveiled the soccer gambling plot penguins live Huang Jianxiang to Gao Xiaosong has talked of as a prologue, "according to Gao Xiaosong’s theory of soccer gambling plot, if China fans to buy rival win, not to look at the national football World Cup will buy. Now Gao Xiaosong’s conspiracy theory has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, we have to vote on patriotic note, have to buy South Korea win". Huang Jianxiang said China football completely self-sufficient, "country foot alive preliminaries bonus system and charter flights to South Korea game, there are people who have been in a few days all the time, I could really unbearable. China football practice and market occupation, it is no longer mainly based on the results, after all China men may in this life to get the Olympic gold medal. After 20 years of development, professional league has a market-oriented economic model, do not need to support the country’s layers of funding, Chinese football can be self-sufficient." Huang Jianxiang (China) said that the country’s high standard of reasonable treatment, the national team has a special nature, the market value is very large, the Chinese team also has a variety of income in the. Chinese football not only to feed themselves, but also a lot of money to the General Administration of sport. The national team to play a good match of the 12 conditions of the logistics, are football earned their own, not to spend the national financial allocations. Before a lot of logistics reports envy the Japanese team playing, now we own money to create a condition, and people should not say. It’s like you go to college entrance examination, parents say that you can not test in any case, riding a bike, do the bus go, this is not a bastard logic". Huang Jianxiang to the Chinese women’s volleyball team, for example, the Chinese women’s volleyball team to win the Olympic gold medal, Lang Ping also said that the work of scientific training. There are a lot of American experts in the Lang Ping team, and she has as many people as the team. If Lang Ping doesn’t get the gold medal, can we say that we spend so much money? Huang Jianxiang appealed to the majority of fans to support the national foot, foot in the public opinion is vulnerable groups, Chinese football can always be accounted for cheap, but this step is completely unreasonable. Super copyright sold 5 years, and now the football association with the money collected from the national team to better conditions should not it? 8 billion Just like in the family, you can not learn good, obedient, good performance, parents like you, or do not like you, such affection should be unconditional". (drop)相关的主题文章: