Huaian District, Huaian City, the implementation of the industrial economy to catch up with the deve tataufo

The industrial economy to catch up with the development of the three year action plan — Jiangsu window – original title in Huaian District of Huaian city industrial economy to catch up with the development of three year plan of action for the implementation of the recently held in Huaian District, Huaian District, the region’s industrial economy to catch up with the development of the first fight mobilization meeting, launched the industrial economy to catch up with the development of the three year action plan, put forward in the next three years the column, the industrial added value, sales invoice, all industrial warehousing taxes with an average annual growth rate reached 11%, 14% and 12.5% ensure; to 2019, the total to reach 26 billion yuan and 46 billion 500 million yuan and 1 billion 500 million yuan, up to 27 billion 800 million yuan, to 50 billion yuan and 1 billion 600 million yuan, the total industrial economy to the city’s first. Implementation of the breakthrough project action plan, and vigorously improve the incremental input-output effect. In the project attract, focusing on the salt chemical industry and new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, electronic information, high-end textile industry, innovation, focus, efforts to introduce a number of investment of 1 billion yuan, 5 billion yuan more than the leading type, base type, science and technology, the industrial chain of major projects, and strive to achieve a breakthrough in major the introduction of the project investment of more than 10 billion yuan. In the next three years, to ensure that the annual new lead billion yuan industrial projects 25, of which 1 billion yuan more than 3 projects. In the project construction, around the landing, rooting, flowering, results and other key areas, to further improve the project to promote the mechanism and supervision mechanism, to promote the project to negotiate contracts, contract approval, approval to start, start to put forward, to improve the project registered capital of arrival rate, construction rate and completion rate. The main area of 500 million yuan, 1 billion yuan, 3 billion yuan of major projects, focusing on promoting the investment of 8 billion 500 million yuan in the letter of thermal power generation, 7 billion yuan investment in the wells of God "saline integration of circular economy industrial park", a 3 billion 500 million yuan investment in the two period of gas turbine power generation and other major projects to accelerate the floor started the main central enterprises, province enterprises and other large enterprises, strive for major project investment of 1 billion yuan in. The next three years, to ensure that each year more than $1 billion to start the new project of more than $1 billion, the newly completed projects of more than $1, the township, the focus of the key departments of the main projects to ensure that the annual new projects started more than 1 yuan in the first half of the project to ensure that the project is more than $2. In the technical transformation project. Focus on promoting the well God 600 thousand tons of soda tianpingbuqi carnation Hotel Textiles, two ring gear intelligent transformation, Stade intelligent elevator transformation project, promote enterprises to improve the level of equipment, optimize product structure, enhance the anti risk ability and core competitiveness. The implementation of industrial cluster development action plan, and vigorously promote the development of characteristic industries. Push forward the Development Zone, precision machinery industrial park, Guoxin Industrial Park, new material industrial park, modern teaching equipment Industrial Park "Park District Four" and the Huai River, needle textile city Zhu bridge down products and other regional characteristics of township industrial agglomeration area, stronger industrial agglomeration development. Around the massive economy to create distinctive and strong competitiveness, promote the development of centralized characteristic industry, promote regional township industrial zone to the provincial SME cluster demonstration area, the provincial industrial base forward, to promote development, promote the rise of regional economy. Implementation enterprise相关的主题文章: