Hu Huanyong, 20 days through China (14) – Sohu

For Hu Huanyong, 20 days through China (14) – tourism Sohu prairie day road, not imagined so beautiful, maybe we’ll go the wrong season, but what impressed me most is that wind power dense, this is quite spectacular, if there is no other what bright. The second day early in the morning, we drove to the Wulanbu series, do not know where the scenery? Well, every time I can’t catch up with the most beautiful season. In the paddock, the scenery is very general, but my heart is ready. The most beautiful season is like this drop (pictures from the network) Wulanbu series Inner Mongolia is located in the southernmost tip of Hexigten Banner, and the Hebei paddock across the river. The Wulanbu series is part of Mulan Wei Chang of the Qing Dynasty, because of Kangxi the great war Ge he is famous in the world. The ecotone here belongs to hilly and plain areas, organic combination of forest and grassland, both feminine and elegant and beautiful south, North and South both bold and rough masculine, show the beauty of beixiong. September is the most beautiful scenery, the season is very important. The scenery was somewhat monotonous, in a circle around the paddock, and hurried away, go to the Wulanbu series. Here is the most beautiful season around mid October, then, grasses, an invigorating autumn climate, cattle and sheep like clouds, can feel the "Ten thousand steeds gallop., vast gray days, and the wind blows" spectacular grassland. General paozi, west big Nur, colorful mountains, the Grand Canyon, birch ditch is the most distinctive dam on several points. A paddock in Ulan Buh also have to buy tickets, $105 in Hebei spent 115 ocean tickets to the Wulanbu series does not work, really black TMD. Ulan Buh view slightly higher than the Bashang good psychological comfort is. Ulan Buh meadow sub is not endless, but here, can feel the artistic conception of folk songs of the northern dynasty. Colorful wildflowers to the dull grassland add a vigor famous frog dam, is all love photography friends will come to the land, located in Ulan Buh Development Zone, 28 km away from Hongshan junmachang, it is a gently sloping high up, the three side is the "ditch" or lowland. Here many hills and mountains, unique landscape, came to Toad dam, but also do not have to worry about how the composition, because the elements of photography here is too perfect, just put the camera to that one, a shutter, is a painting! Autumn is like this drop is superficial, but also have the harvest. The night went to Erenhot sunset infinite good just near dusk相关的主题文章: