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HTC HD2: the first to die Xiaoqiang eating "nougat" – Sohu digital HTC  HD2 is released in 2009 of the flagship model, but don’t think it is old, but in the hands of God macs18max undead xiaoqiang". This latest Android  7 system has been brushed to HTC  HD2 on the. HTC  HD2 the first to eat "nougat" (pictures from cnBeta)         from the XDA Forum on the Android  news, the God macs18max to HD2 brush system; 7. According to his own account, he used a modified CyanogenMod  14 for Android  the initial version of the (NRD90M). Due to HTC  HD2 this model is too old, such as 448MB , RAM and a single core processor, strong on the sugar is more symbolic significance. In this regard, macs18max said that this HD2 is currently only Wi-Fi and voice to work properly, the rest of the function he can do nothing.       it is understood, HTC  HD2 equipped with Qualcomm QSD8250 processor, clocked at 1GHz; RAM for 448MB 576MB (T ); using 4.3 inch WVGA (480*800) screen; a 5 million pixel camera.         at first, HD2 was originally installed Windows  system; Mobile  system; 6.5, but HTC  in the great tune, HD2; all versions of all Android all, and have to brush up on the WP7, WP7.5 and Lumia  900 for WP8, MeeGo, Ubuntu, and Firefox  OS, and not for the mobile phone for Windows  RT 98 XP system.相关的主题文章: