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Software If you wish to minimize the risk of project failure, we have formulated a few points, to help you approach your web development projects in the following sequence. Identify business entities and logic To begin with, you must gather information on everything you have. For an instance, if you were to work with databases, then you must start with enumerating the number of entities you need for business logic. As soon as you identify all your entities, you must determine a guideline for all their relationships. This could be done through flowcharts, presentations and reports. Create a project plan This is one of the most important steps in your web development project. Functional specs (or functional specifications) are blueprints or maps for how a particular web application must look or work. Any web application developer would include the basic spec details such as the workings of a finished product, its look and feel, along with any user interaction. The advantage of writing functional specs is because it can streamline the entire process. It eliminates guesswork and discrepancies out of the process since the amount of details involved in the plan minimizes the scope of misunderstandings. Web application developers may perhaps have a few functional specs from their previous projects. You must devise a project plan as soon as the functional spec is finished. In simple terms, a project plan is an elaborate timeline of events and tasks, which are supposed to take place during the project. Implement the application model The application model contains three different tiers the user tier, the business tier and the data tier. Every tier is created to serve a specific purpose. For an instance, if you were to understand a PHP web development project, you must get started with the data tier since you have already identified the business entities and understood the relationship between them. On the other hand, the business tier is the heart of any application project. During this stage, you must ensure that you set up the environment for testing as well as debugging. PHP is a server-side scripting language and therefore any PHP web development must be tested on two different instances. Regardless of the language you choose, you must ensure that your application is capable to handle all kinds of business logic in the functional specs. The user tier is important for the strategic and the interactive elements in the web application. If you were to develop the visual gateway yourself, then you must assess your competition. Create a support scheme In order to stabilize and support your web application development, you must define a process call for all kinds of failures, mishaps or downtime. In case of an emergency during project development, your clients should be able to contact you. Ticket tracking system is one of the best examples of an effective support scheme. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: