How to look for a few days in the midst of peace — so I went to the Yangzhou tourism Sohu wharfedale

How to look for a few days in the midst of peace — so I went to the Yangzhou tourism Sohu – our family had Allison before school, starting from Beijing to Tongzhou, along the the Grande Canale to a ceremonial point "tragic" lost youth travel. Since we are driving, not Suiti around eight thousand beauty and towing, nor the joys of spring, even in the most beautiful fireworks in March, think about the future can a free travel by car only a few days, the most delicious Yangzhou crab package also dry taste. In the past year, baby is almost as tall as me, that was only in Yangzhou for two days of regret finally got compensation in the Slender West Lake # parent-child holiday #. If you don’t go out with me, I’m old! On the night of Yangzhou, I found out that I had a sore throat for two days! Anjiao luggage belt mask seems a bit redundant, filled with clear water around in this place, what need mask! Slender West Lake hot spring resort hotel has obvious characteristics of Jiangnan courtyard structure! There are hot springs in the hospital, in the evening to inform the waiter put water in advance, we can lie in the pool of stars. In the morning, carefully in the yard around, delicate and quiet courtyard, only smell Higurashi birds screeching! Occasionally you can see two people are very close to the cat, good sister actually want to bring them back to Beijing! In the Slender West Lake Spa Resort, we think we can live up to your first beauty, enjoy life, reward the dog for nine nights in twelve business. With a faint fragrance, find the public areas of the hotel spa, continue to bubble! I think the hotel towel or cloth of what will be referred to as "linen" this thing is not alone I say it, I will not tell you I have learned a few things like folding skills, just here to see these fancy, uh uh uh, I also have to study space. Even the words are just the right linen so chic, linen quality is also quite good, it can be seen that the details here and how the quality of service. Sure enough, here is the children carefully placed the game room, there are actually good sister love simulation several little skiing is in the ball pool play an awfully. Also move also static, next to the study, the little boy who is writing homework, let us calm down. Allison is love fish here, I also. The fish was surrounded by gently gnawing feeling, good cool acid. One pool bubble for a while, it should be to this trip. The effect of each pool is different, let me feel this, have to stay here for a long time! Every time after the water, feel the physical consumption is not small, tired, eat only to appease the restless heart. Gaoyou double yellow eggs, Yangzhou geese, whitefish River, Yangzhou fried rice, braised skirt…… The Slender West Lake is said to be the former Qu Yuan, the leadership dinner place, how can abide by the commitment to lose weight! In fact, Qu Yuan delicacy eyes still swaying, but Ju Hua Lou buffet, how can people live with dignity.!相关的主题文章: